Your story is our business?.

We believe a business is great because of its people, and understanding which person is right for which company is at the heart of what we do.

We have years of experience helping businesses find the right people to help tell their story.

Every business has a plan and we know the people it will take to make it happen.

When we started in 2004 we wanted to create a company that helped great businesses and great people find each other. To do that we’ve learned that each business and each candidate has a story to tell. Cogs knows how to connect the stories of the right people at the right time.

Looking for a job with Cogs

Behind every successful company are talented people and ours is no different. We believe good recruiters have passion for their industry and want to make a difference. We’re proud of our story so far, would you like to be part of it?

Life at Cogs


Case Study: BCG Digital Ventures

As a digital recruiter, we make global footprints by sharing our expertise across all industries. We spoke to a former candidate of ours, Jasson Schro…


Three Years Old: Cogs Singapore

Cogs Singapore was established 3 years ago when Chris Frost, co-founder and director of Cogs Agency, moved to the region with his wife and children to…

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