Anew Venture for Cogs

London’s newest talent consultancy recruiting for the backbone of company cultures.


Introducing Anew, our sister company, and London’s newest talent consultancy.  

Anew believes that culture is the cornerstone to any successful business, and we recruit candidates for roles that form the backbone to any office’s culture — human resources, finance, operations, marketing, business development and administrative support.

Anew offers a tailored service that matches great talent with the working cultures of companies in the creative, technology and innovation industries.

If you’re looking to fill a role, Anew will work closely with you to define or understand your working culture, and find the best people to support and nourish it. If you’re looking for a new role, Anew will find the companies that best suit your personality and goals, only matching you to roles that complement your character and long-term ambitions.

Gabrielle Saw is the Founder and MD of Anew, her recruitment experience is vast, she has been recruiting commercial roles within the creative industry for 7 years. Her knowledge vision, drive and enthusiasm are the perfect combination for this exciting launch.

Start Anew today.

Contact Anew today; [email protected].

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