Senior Frontend Developer

  • Term: Permanent
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Job Reference: 3672

For our client, a well backed Ad Agency in Berlin we are currently looking for a Senior Frontend Developer.

When coding with us you’ll work with…

  • Other great developers, who care about the things we build and make a point of fitting in things like code reviews and co-learning
  • Super skilled designers, who know that a design is more than just a surface and who are always open to good ideas (yes, also from developers)
  • Whichever tools help us get the job done well, such as linters, Github, NPM, React, Gulp, Middleman, Contentful, SassDoc – to name a diverse few
  • Interesting projects
  • Agile workflows (mostly scrum) and respect towards work/life balance
  • Responsive design, accessibility optimization and much, much more


We’d need for you to…

  • be well versed in React, ES6, and JavaScript programming patterns
  • have experience with component based architecture/design systems
  • have a knack for semantic markup and accessibility
  • feel at home in SCSS
  • sport at least 4 years of experience building stuff on the internet
  • feel comfortable with writing tests
  • have working knowledge of Ruby on Rails environments (conventions, folder structure, helpers, etc.) and Node.js,
  • know your way around different templating engines,
  • be comfortable using Git and Github, working with branches and pull requests

We’d love it if you…

  • care about user experience
  • carry a banner for living style guides and element libraries
  • enjoy working in small, cross-competency teams
  • want to come work in our office together with the rest of the team
  • value agile processes and think they are key to a project's success
  • have designed applications using RESTful data
  • speak German (although English is the main language)
  • are just a really nice human being

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