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Here’s the follow up on my first blog post entry after my visit to the Web Summit a few weeks’ back. Last week I covered the programmatic advertis…

Here’s the follow up on my first blog post entry after my visit to the Web Summit a few weeks’ back.

Last week I covered the programmatic advertising bit, this week I’ll continue with the Big Data – what it can do and what it can do for us in the digital marketing space.

Mark Zablan (President of EMEA at Adobe) brought up an interesting point: ‘creativity and data – they are both learning about each other, just like art and science once did.’

He is a firm believer that creativity and data can work hand-in-hand; data can trigger creativity by triggering seamless experiences, across devices, across the whole online-offline sphere. It’s about figuring out what the creatives can do with the data once it’s passed over to them.

John Sculley (ex-CEO of Apple and Pepsi Cola), on the other hand, is firm believer of the power of big data, and how it can be used to keep current customers happy. He currently sits on the board of Zeta Interactive, a Big Data marketing platform.

There’s something Ivan Perez-Armendariz, the Chief Officer of Digital at CP+B, said that caught my attention. In his words, they are all big lovers of data at CP+B and how it can be utilised to create campaigns that trigger action. However, he also believes that data still has its limits – what it can do and what it can’t do. The truth is that data collectors seems to know so much about you, but in reality they sometimes tend to miss the element 66% of the world wants – to be inspired and surprised.  In some cases, big data will never unlock the opportunities and the unexpected. And there often is a need to build the campaigns based on what might ‘wow’ the audience.

Below are a few of their campaigns that prove it:

xBox One launch – Invitation 

Paddy Power – We Hear You

Turkish Airlines – Widen Your World

Surely, some data got used to tackle the problems those brands had, but it was still the unexpected that has got us coming back for more, over 130m times to precise in ‘Widen Your World’ case.

So yes, the debate about the Big Data continues… it’s clear it cannot be ignored, but it’s surely a work in progress: how do you measure what matters and how do you get the big data architects, UX, designers, developers and non-technical people talking the same language in the marketing space (Justin Cooke, 2014).

Next blog post will most interesting for my developer friends and women in tech and I will be covering some geeky bits of the Summit and also talk about the aspect of women getting involved with tech

If you want to get more insights about the topics mentioned so far, or what went down at the Summit connect with me. And for update on what’s happening on the tech job market.

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