Best Careers for 2021 and Beyond: Jobs With Growth Potential

After last year’s unprecedented shakeup of the job market, many job seekers are moving into 2021 on uncertain footing. As the global economy starts …

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After last year’s unprecedented shakeup of the job market, many job seekers are moving into 2021 on uncertain footing. As the global economy starts to bounce back, companies around the world are looking to hire new employees. You’ve taken time to master in-demand skills from home, polish your CV, and learn to craft the perfect cover letter. Now, which careers should you be focusing your attention on? In this article, we’ve gathered a list of five careers with serious growth potential for 2021 and beyond. 

Information Security Analyst

As the way we do business goes increasingly digital, the need for cyber security experts has grown exponentially. Recent history has shown us that everything from small businesses to government agencies are vulnerable to cyber attacks. When firewalls and virus detectors alone can’t be trusted to safeguard sensitive data, organizations of all sizes turn to information security analysts.

What Does an Information Security Analyst Do

Information security analysts are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s digital infrastructure. From assessing and correcting potential back doors in the system, to educating management about digital security best practices, it’s their job to prevent network security breaches at all levels. With so many aspects of modern life relying on the internet, it’s no surprise that hiring for information security analysts is expected to grow by 33% over the next decade.

What Skills Will Help You to Stand Out

Given the nature of the role, a degree in computer science, programming, or engineering is commonly listed as a basic requirement for applicants. Beyond that, a certification in ethical hacking is hugely beneficial in securing a job in information security. By learning the ins and outs of network penetration, information security analysts will be better prepared to prevent such attacks. 

IT Manager

At its current pace, keeping up with technology can be downright overwhelming for most people. Blink, and you’ll have missed several major technological advancements. In order to stay at the forefront of their respective industry, businesses must be aware of changing digital trends and adapt their infrastructure to follow suit. That’s where IT managers come in.

What Does an IT Manager Do

IT managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a business or organization’s computer-based systems. They may also manage a team of IT personnel. The day to day tasks could see them researching and recommending hardware upgrades for maximum efficiency, implementing critical software updates, performing network audits, or more. To put it simply, they are the go-to source for tech-related issues in the office. Over the next several years, the number of new IT manager jobs is expected to increase by over 10%.

What Skills Will Help You to Stand Out

It goes without saying that becoming an IT manager requires a considerable amount of technical know-how. A degree in computer science, a deep understanding of various computer technologies, and a passion for learning about the latest innovations are all necessary for success.  Also, IT managers must be confident decision makers and capable communicators, as they will frequently relay information to both company executives and IT subordinates.

Data Scientist

The term, “big data”, hasn’t been around long, but its economic impact has been undeniable. Globally, the data industry rakes in over $138 billion USD each year. From discovering the shopping habits of a target demographic, to developing a recommendation algorithm based on user preferences, big data is rapidly becoming an integral part of how we do business.

What Does a Data Scientist Do

Data scientists excel at transforming raw data into actionable resources. More than simply reading and interpreting large data pools, data scientists create models to discern behavioral patterns that businesses can use to better predict their customers’ wants and needs. With this, they can present recommendations to business leaders on how to best adapt their current strategies. Given the advantage this information can provide, data scientists are currently in high demand, with an expected career growth rate of 31% through 2030.

What Skills Will Help You to Stand Out

Being successful as a data scientist requires a highly analytical mind. They must not only interpret data, but critically analyze it from many different perspectives. A background in coding is also essential, as the sheer amount of data they work with on a daily basis often requires the assistance of machine learning. Aside from technical abilities, communication skills are invaluable for a data scientist. It’s their responsibility to take their incredibly complex findings and present them to business leaders in an easy-to-understand manner.

Software Developer

From computer operating systems, to the GPS on your phone, to video streaming services, so much of our daily lives are tied to technology. Despite our reliance on these services, it’s easy to take them for granted. However, most of the technological luxuries we all enjoy today are thanks to the work of imaginative software developers.

What Does a Software Developer Do

Software developers are involved in every stage of software creation; from project planning, to coding, to final testing. They are tasked with identifying business and consumer needs, and building programs which appropriately address them. As their work spans nearly all industries, their projects could include anything from programming self-driving cars to creating the next hit computer game. There is an ever-growing need for software developers, and career openings for the role are expected to increase by over 21% over the next few years.

What Skills Will Help You to Stand Out

First and foremost, software developers must be skilled at writing code in a variety of coding languages. There are a multitude of languages they may encounter in their work, but Python, C++, and Scala a few of the most commonly used. Software developers must also excel at problem solving. There are often many ways to design and code a particular piece of software,

Digital Marketing Specialist

As of this year, 46% of global marketing efforts are expected to be carried out digitally. No longer bound by conventional print and television, the internet has made it easier than ever for advertisers to directly appeal to users’ relevant interests. However, with a seemingly endless number of mediums through which to advertise, digital marketing strategies are rarely easy to navigate. In order to make the best use of their advertising budget, companies rely on digital marketing specialists.

What does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do

Digital marketing specialists may be involved in one or many aspects of digital marketing, such as search engine marketing (SEM), SEO optimization, or social media content creation. It is their job to identify the target market, create appropriately tailored campaigns, and ensure brand voice consistency across all digital channels. They must monitor campaigns and test different strategies to find the best results. With marketing efforts going increasingly digital, digital marketing specialist careers are expected to increase by over 33% in the coming years.

What Skills Will Help You to Stand Out

A deep understanding of  SEO is essential for any digital marketing specialist. Organic search links are clicked an average of 8.5x more often than paid links, and SEO is what will land your website on the coveted first page of Google. Much of this will rely on strong copywriting skills. Be it blog posts or social blurbs, being able to blend high-value keywords into engaging content is a must for any digital marketer. Lastly, a demonstrable finger on the pulse of social trends is crucial for taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to marketing, helping brands to stay on the forefront of the conversation.

Start Your New Career in 2021

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