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For us this year is all about making powerful connections…

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2022 is looking set to be a very exciting year for Cogs. We’ll be revealing some exciting business developments in the coming months. One of which will be revolutionary for our contract contingent. We are also expanding as a team and have plans for many new hires.

The team expansion has already begun in London! We are thrilled to welcome two young, fresh and talented new members to our Cogs Family. Aishwarya and Magdalena have joined as Junior Researchers and will be supporting the design team in London.

Meet Aishwarya; a Psychology masters graduate with a passion for understanding human behaviour.  In her spare time you will find Ash escaping the city to relax in one of London’s beautiful parks, listening to her favourite podcasts and working her way through the best coffee shops across the capital.

Why did you choose Cogs?

“Cogs gave me the opportunity to continue doing what I love – Research! I strongly believe that it is important to consider the softer and emotional elements of what attracts candidates and clearly communicate that through a story.  Cogs offered me the chance to become a storyteller to help find people their dream roles. Finally, Cogs emphasised the power of deep connections with candidates and clients, which I believed would help me develop both professional and interpersonal skills.”

What has been your career journey so far?

“As a newbie, this is my first official job (discounting part-time student jobs!) and I’m very excited to develop new skills, expand my network, and learn from everyone at Cogs!”

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

“What I’m most proud of is setting up a Covid Care facility in Chennai, India working with other volunteers, medical staff, and the local government. The covid care centre, set up using government and external funding, treated over 100+ patients who could not afford private medical care during the 2nd wave of the pandemic.”

What is your biggest motivation?

“I am motivated to grow at Cogs learn from my super supportive colleagues, and build a new network of clients and candidates, who will eventually grow with me.”


Meet Magdalena. A a former dancer and future cat mom with a master’s degree in Psychology. A fan of physical activity, peanut butter, figs and discovering new independent coffee shops.

Why did you choose Cogs?

“There are many reasons, but it all started with the recruitment process experience! My first call was from Liam, who referred to what I wrote about myself in the CV (about my goal to combine creativity with psychology). It made me feel visible and understood. Then my first face to face meeting with Liam and Loris was inspiring  – the place, the conversation! Then when I had the chance to try what was the role about and prepare a presentation, I got scared about how much I liked it and how much I wished to be part of a team that is driven by passion. I realised that I wanted to give others that experience – that amazing feeling of being understood, listened to, and matched and that I want to do it with these people, this team! ”

What has been your career journey so far?

“I took my first steps in my career in hospitality. Then after graduation, I worked as a support worker. I’ve always wanted to feel that I have an impact on other people’s lives – it could have been by serving their favourite morning drink and remembering what coffee they drink, striving to build new normality for the victims of modern slavery and human trafficking as a support worker, or now getting to shape the future of companies – find the talent they need to produce products and services that could change the world.”

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

“Probably all those situations when I step out of my comfort zone to follow my endless need for self-development! The decision to turn the terrifying pandemic into something good, move to the UK and continue my fifth year of studies (at Polish University) remotely from London was definitely the most spectacular and life-changing.”

What is your biggest motivation?

“Everything that is yet to discover, everything that is ahead of me. Every next client, every life story to hear, every next portfolio to see, every failure and success. Not forgetting working with people from whom I learn something new every day!”

Connect with Aishwarya and Magdalena today.

We are always on the look out for curious, bright minds to join our team? Where is your year going to take you?

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