A Talent Partner for the Digital Age: Cogs Evolution

As we celebrate our 15th year of business, Cogs wanted to cement our position as a talent partner for the digital age. We have evolved so much since o…

As we celebrate our 15th year of business, Cogs wanted to cement our position as a talent partner for the digital age. We have evolved so much since our start, with new offices, new ventures and specialisms.

We have re-branded and redefined the purpose of Cogs in recent years to ensure we align with the fast passed industry we are lucky to be apart.

Cogs will always adapt to the needs of the people in our industry whether that be clients, candidates or talent partners.  This year, internal business changes and exciting new developments have culminated in a website refresh which can showcase some of the growth of our business.

New ventures…

Firstly we want to highlight our newest office opening at the start of 2019, Cogs China, opened its doors in Shenzhen, headed up by Damien Bell. So far this office has seen incredible growth for  the Cogs China’s client base and we are now able to offer Greater China a fully-focused recruitment team with sales and account management services.

Come and explore…

Our 5 locations work closely together to bring global talent closer. Each office has its own individual vibe but the culture and expertise is consistent. You can have  a closer look into each of our locations, their heritage and specialisms in our enhanced about us page.

Let us help you…

For clients, we have expanded our offering and services. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, contract or freelance talent that you are looking for, we can help build a team to get you future-fit. We can create a global skills supply chain, drawn from a wider talent-pool. We can manage everything from talent attraction to getting them on board. Explore our client pages for case studies and details on the services we provide. Use our flow chart to find out what product will best serve your business.

For candidates our diverse client base can open up a whole range of exciting career paths. Whether its freelance or full time opportunities we can support you on your next steps. Our global client base is a diverse mix of creative agencies, consulting firms, financial services, ech startups and more. This provides us with the scope to find the right opportunity for you.

Bringing you more…

Cogs produce a vast collection of our own content covering topics on innovation, management, diversity to on-boarding and remote working. We also produce our own annual salary benchmarks across the industry . A new search function on the blog allows quick easy searching now for topics and keywords that interest you.

Whether you are looking for your next digital role, hoping to expand your team of talent, want to explore our content or find out more about our locations and offices, enjoy exploring our new edits.

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