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As digital recruiters, we make global footprints by sharing our expertise across all industries. Let’s ask a senior UX Designer who has been a c…


As digital recruiters, we make global footprints by sharing our expertise across all industries. Let’s ask a senior UX Designer who has been a candidate of ours how it is like working with a digital talent firm like us…

We spoke to a former candidate of ours, Jasson Schrock, now Partner and VP, Experience Design at BCG DV, to explore his own career history and his experience of working with us.

Who is Jasson?

An experienced entrepreneur, designer, photographer, and self-confessed ‘travel addict and mad scientist’.

During his career, Jasson has worked with tech giants – Google and YouTube, which made him both a highly desirable candidate and an extremely interesting person to talk to.

What’s your background?

I have worked at a variety of startups and large companies as both an employee and a founder in Germany, New York, and Silicon Valley.

While in California, I was headhunted by Google to help with their latest acquisition, YouTube. Whilst working here I was able to participate in growing a startup into an international destination with billions of visitors per day.

After leading multiple international projects for YouTube, I transferred to Google News as UX Manager and Lead and was tasked with building and managing their first user experience team. Here I helped shape the next generation of YouTube through innovative, large-scale design solutions, and oversaw the processes from concept to launch. I also hold a variety of international patents from interactive videos, to recommendations and advertising systems.

Going back even further, I grew up on a generational farm in upstate New York where we raised a few hundred pigs as well as a variety of crops. While my life is very different now, those experiences instilled a strong work ethic in me.

What do you do?

I’m the Experience Design Director at BCG Digital Ventures where I’m head of the cohort and build design teams as well as advising on our various startups.

How long have you worked in your current role and industry?

I’ve been at BCG Digital Ventures for just over 1.5 years and I’ve been in the design industry for over 20 years now.

And how did you hear about Cogs?

A friend knew I was open to new opportunities and they referred me.

What were the reasons for choosing Cogs over other agencies?

Cogs have good references and most importantly (for me at least), great leads.

During your job search what was your criteria for your next role?

I wanted a director or VP-level role, where I could help build the design team as well as influence the company’s product and business strategy. I also created a list of fields I found interesting and that I wanted to explore further.

What changes were you looking to make in your career?

I was looking to make deeper connections within the Berlin design community and an international company.

How was the process with Cogs? Any points of friction or troubles? If so, how were these overcome?

Very smooth. We had a great chat to discuss the type of role I was interested in and they worked from that point on.

What was the most obvious advantage of using Cogs?

I’d have to say the personal connection. There may be many digital recruitment agencies, but few can offer the kind of interaction that Cogs gave me.

How did Cogs help you achieve your career objectives?

They really listened to my preferences and concerns and then applied those to their search criteria. This resulted in finding the exact type of role I was looking for.

By using Cogs could you measure any time or hassles reduced?

The hassle was most certainly reduced… they were very professional.

Aside from sourcing a role for you, what else did Cogs do successfully?

Not only were my job criteria met, but they also helped us search for other candidates to join BCG Digital Ventures.

What three words would you use to describe your experience working with Cogs and why would you recommend them to your industry peers?

Connected. Quality. Astute.


If you’re looking for digital roles in Germany or would like to find out more about the Cogs Berlin team, please get in touch.

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