China Talent 2020 Overview featuring Damien Bell

We speak to Damien, our Managing Director in Greater China and Hong Kong to discover the in-demand digital roles in China this year. Peak hiring seaso…

We speak to Damien, our Managing Director in Greater China and Hong Kong to discover the in-demand digital roles in China this year.

Peak hiring season begins in February through May. In Asia, this begins right after the Chinese New Year, where most companies hand out annual bonuses.

During this period, plenty of jobs are being advertised and talent movement tends to be higher.

Are you ready to transform your organisation with key hires?

Perhaps you want to know what everyone in the market is looking for?

Do you wonder what the hiring trends are in 2020?

Look no further! We have a great line up of experts who can shed some light on all your pressing questions.

Meet our country directors in China and Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore:

In this Talent 2020 Overview series, we pose some questions to our Directors to find out what’s going on in the digital talent landscape locally. We hope that their response will shed light on crucial information that is of help to your talent acquisition team and hiring managers.

Today, we shift the spotlight on Damien Bell.


At Cogs, knowledge is everything. This is why most of our management have their roots in the digital industry.

For Damien, he began his career as a marketing professional. One can attribute his experience in helping businesses acquire and retain customers proved to be highly valuable and applicable when he decided to move into recruiting.

We met Damien back in 2011 when he joined our London team as a Senior Consultant. It wasn’t soon before long that he took a leap across the globe to open our first Asian office in Hong Kong. Since then, he has been cementing Cogs’s footprint in the market, expanding his team to help companies attract and connect with the best digital talent.

Over the years, Cogs Hong Kong witnessed an increasing demand for digital talent from businesses located in Mainland China. So in 2018, Damien decided it was time to set up a China team and office in Shenzhen. Today, he shuttles back on forth between Hong Kong and China. Read more about Damien and Cogs China here ▶ 

If you’re on the lookout for digital talent to come onboard your business in China, read on to find out what Damien has to say.

Question 1: Hi Damien, since Q4 of 2019 leading into 2020, what are the….
a) Top 3 roles in China and the top industries hiring them: 

Damien: Head of Design, Experience Design Director, Senior Marketing Manager. Across the board Consultancies (Tech and Creative Design), FMCG Brands (Beauty) are heavily hiring.

b) Skills unique or required for these roles:

Damien: For Design roles, the key skills are high level strategic consulting expertise. The ability to craft and deploy enterprise-level design solutions across digital product eco-systems and end-to-end customer experience touchpoints. Lead large full-stack design teams. The ability to educate and mentor internally and externally on the importance of design thinking within an organisation.

For marketing key skills include, GTM (go-to-market) strategy development, brand building and elevation, sCommerce (Social Commerce), eCommerce and mCommerce expertise. The ability to work with limited budgets to drive customer engagement, digital traffic and deliver conversion metrics. Essentially a marketing expert who operates outside of silos and can build and execute a marketing framework across all key channels.

c) Is there a skills gap in China and how do you think companies can overcome this?

Damien: In the design space, the skills gap is in the scope and scale of solutions being delivered. Able to lead the transformation or large organisation through design. And being able to navigate between UX, service design and experience design. Taking a more holistic view of business needs and then applying the right methodologies and resources to the right solution.

For Marketing, the only skills gap is the ability to work and think strategically while at the same time, being willing to execute since most global brands are operating in lean/ start-up mode here in China.

Question 2: What do you think is are the key hiring trends in China? 

Damien: We’ve seen an increase in Chinese brands looking to break into the international market and with this, an emphasis on Chinese nationals that have lived and worked abroad.

Question 3: What is the outlook for recruitment of digital transformation talent against the 2020 economic outlook?

Damien: In China, this isn’t much of an issue as the market is strong and there is more demand than supply of talent.

— END —

Thank you for your time, Damien!

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