Cogs Careers: Emily Chan

What goes on in the life of a digital recruitment consultant? Emily Chan, Talent Consultant in Hong Kong speak about her challenges and joys in her Co…

What goes on in the life of a digital recruitment consultant? Emily Chan, Talent Consultant in Hong Kong speak about her challenges and joys in her Cogs Career with us…

The probation period is a time to learn the ropes around the organisation and to showcase your ability to perform and fit into the company culture and team. Cogs Careers is a series to show you what a career in digital recruitment is like and how to succeed as one.

Emily Chan is our UX, Design & Creative Talent Consultant in our Hong Kong office. She joined us in March 2019 and we’re pleased to share that she passed her probation period.

Cogs Hong Kong’s Associate Director, Carrie Ho, has this to say about Emily,

“Emily is a key pillar in the Cogs business. She is professional, approachable and is able to provide consultative solutions and advice to her clients and candidates in their best interests. She holds a high work ethic both internally and externally and her positive energy in the office is contagious!”

We sit down with Emily after the good news of being confirmed to find out more about her journey with Cogs so far.

Emily at Meteora, Greece, 2018

Hi Emily! Congratulations on your confirmation. So, how were your first 6 months?

Emily: Time flies especially when you are busy learning and working at the same time. Transforming from an Accounting and Finance recruiter to a Creative Design recruiter is an interesting experience. This is due to the huge difference in the personas of candidates and businesses in the corporate world and the creative jungle.

Talents in the design industry tend to share more about their stories and experiences, establishing a connection with them becomes easier and more importantly, more fun by doing my job!

What was your most memorable experience to date?

Emily: I would have to say the most memorable time I had so far is participating in Service Jam. The idea of an open event for people of various backgrounds to join – makes it interesting to learn about design-thinking.

I’m in contact with the people that I’ve met there and it’s always great seeing them again at other design events. We do catch up for drinks too!

With the Cogs team, I enjoyed all the team-building activities we’ve done. Being in a small team, collaboration is essential and it’s through these activities that I get to know my colleagues better. I feel the activities help in making us a tight-knit group of consultants.

What have you learnt about yourself and the digital industry so far?

Emily: There are ups and downs at any job, regardless of the size of the recruitment firm you are with or the industry you are recruiting for. Therefore, it is important to find a place that allows you to build resilience, supports you with practical suggestions and solutions.

Cogs provides recognition and flexibility. Aren’t these qualities people look for in a workplace, whether they are a recruiter or not?

My colleagues and I will try our best to help candidates build their career in the long-term and clients with the right employees to go extra miles as a team together.


Thanks, Emily, for sharing with us your experience and feelings as a creative talent consultant in Hong Kong.

Keep on doing what you do best, impacting the creative industry in Hong Kong and the career and lives of the creative talents there.


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