Cogs Freshers First Christmas 2019

We had a couple of freshers at Cogs at the start of the year. Some are new to recruitment and some aren’t. Let’s check on them about their first y…

We had a couple of freshers at Cogs at the start of the year. Some are new to recruitment and some aren’t. Let’s check on them about their first year recruiting with us…

Recruitment is a career that is often misunderstood as being ‘easy’ and for ‘everyone’.

Recruitment is not either of those.

A lot of time and toil goes behind the scenes.

Yet recruitment can be equally rewarding and fulfilling as a career, in helping companies find the talent that fits their organisation or matching talent to the job of their dreams.

We speak to some of the newcomers or freshers in each of the Cogs offices to find out about their first year recruiting for Cogs.

Let us introduce our freshers

From Berlin, Monica Cristea, Consultant for Commercial

From China, Karen Zhou, Consultant for UX

From Hong Kong, Carrie Ho, Associate Director

From London, George Neale, Consultant for UX and Product Design

From Singapore, Felicia Ng, Associate Consultant for Creative, UI and UX Design

Hi guys! Could you describe with one word, your first year with Cogs?

Monica: Sinuous
Carrie: Fruitful!
George: Fantastic!
Felicia: Fulfilling

How has it changed for you since your first day?

Monica: It’s been almost a year since I started working here and quite a lot of things have changed in the meantime. We went through some bad and good times together and we have had some restructuring happening as well as new colleagues joining us. However, I like to believe that it all led to this moment, where I can safely say that we feel like a team that is genuinely looking forward to working together. 
 I have the opportunity to learn new things daily. The way to co-operate with teammates, the way to communicate with clients and candidates, and the way to improve efficiency.
Carrie: 2019 has been a big change for me, taking up a new role here from a corporate environment, re-building the team and creating a high performing culture. Also an opportunity to become a digital expert in the market to provide consultative and in-depth advice to our clients and candidates.
George: I now recruit for a wider range of roles at Cogs. I previously had a focus on pure UX roles, but I know specialise across UX and Product Design which is super interesting!
My perception of the recruitment industry (has changed). Before joining the industry, I used to think that it is mostly a sales job.
But 1 year in Cogs as an associate consultant, I realised that my job is beyond that. It’s essentially relationship building & providing value to both my clients and candidates. My confidence level has improved leaps and bounds. I wouldn’t have imagined myself to be going out, meeting new people every other day in the week. But 1 year in, I always look forward to meeting new people to learn more about the industry & forging new relationships.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Monica: Every single new briefing, client meeting, candidate placement for me tells a different story and it allows me to feel a certain degree of pride. However, if I had to pick one it would most definitely be that I managed to sign a client part of the largest communication groups in the world and I also successfully placed a candidate for their Regional Strategy Lead role.
Karen: The placements for UX Designer for our client. It’s an interesting area for me and I can always broaden my knowledge about design.
Carrie: Being able to re-build and maintain a team of talented and driven recruiters to help Cogs in reaching new heights.
George:  My proudest achievement is placing people into roles which have a positive impact on people’s lives!
Felicia: When my candidates show their appreciation by introducing me to their network. To me, it shows that they trust my professionalism enough to represent them & even their friends. I had candidates that introduced her family members to me as well & that meant a lot.

Any fun memories to share about your office?

Monica: Just before Easter, Jan and Kelly decided to organize an Easter egg hunt for us but for me, coming from Eastern Europe where this is not a “thing” people do in general, I did not catch on the subtleties of the moment. We were told our office had an interesting visitor the previous evening, with short legs and long ears. The visitor happened to be the Easter Bunny. We had to search the office space for cups that had our name written on it and obviously, filled with chocolate. Needless to say, it was a very funny and lovely day.
Karen: We are enjoying the days when we are celebrating our teammate’s birthday. With a birthday cake and a nice lunch meal, we are happy that we become closer.
Carrie: Our 2019 Summer BBQ party was not only fun with lots of great food and drinks but to be able to bond as a team in creating a better culture – we want our staff to be able to work hard but play hard as well
George: My final interview always comes to mind, jumping on Karaoke with the team!
Felicia: We had a Zumba class conducted by Hartaz (Senior consultant) after work one evening. I wasn’t expecting a full-on 1-hour class to be honest and surprisingly, everyone in Cogs are great dancers! Was quite a refreshing sight to see everyone in sports gear working out together after work. We had so much fun!

Berlin Easter Egg Hunt 2019 CN-Team_1 HK-Team_1 London Night Out SG-Team_2
Cogs Hong Kong during their Summer Party


— END —


Well, thank you, consultants, for your time and for giving our readers a glimpse into the life of recruiters. Wishing all of you a lovely Christmas and a great start to 2020!


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