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We recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the founder of  Weaver Digital, Luke Razzell, to discuss his latest project Wiiv, and we were suit…

We recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the founder of  Weaver DigitalLuke Razzell, to discuss his latest project Wiiv, and we were suitably impressed. Not only does it seem like a fantastic use of technology and social media but we think it’s an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their portfolio.

On that note, they are running a competition with £500 in cash prizes so we would urge you to get on board and get wiiving!

What is wiiv?

Wiiv puts your creative insights and experiences in a social context. Wiiv makes it easy to communicate the connections and collaborations with others that feed your creative process.

As a bonus, as you and your friends engage with one another on wiiv, they create a profile page for you that goes beyond a standard portfolio by showcasing your work in the context of the feedback and perspectives of the people you did it with.

Who can I wiiv?

You can add anyone you like to a thread (post), as long as they have a twitter account (Wiiv integrates with Twitter to help you socialise your wiiving). You can also wiiv yourself!

Their assumption is that mostly people will Wiiv others who have contributed in some way to the thing or topic being described in the thread, but they have deliberately left the experience pretty open ended so they can learn what wiivers actually want to use it for.

What can I wiiv?

You can write about anything you like on Wiiv — as long as it doesn’t contravene their terms of service! However, they hope that mostly people will write about making stuff, whether that’s something they themselves are making (alone or with others) or something made by others. That way, Wiiv will become a community of all sorts of people involved with and/or interested in creativity.

As for the what of the making, Wiiv plan to be as inclusive as possible here: if it feels right to you to talk about it on Wiiv, it probably is!  This is also why Wiiv have avoided categorising content in a “top down” way. Instead, they have provided a tagging system that allows you to express the “what” of your wiiving in as flexible and spontaneous a way as possible.

Luke Razzell (aka @weaverluke) will be guest blogging for us soon and will be giving his insight into the world of UX and exactly how he came from being a piano teacher to where he is now.

Watch this space.




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