Growing a Diverse Workforce: Insights into a Global Business

We’re a growing team of 60 individuals strong, featuring 13 nationalities and speaking an incredible 16 languages. A diverse business enables us to…

In an era of globalisation a diverse workplace is common. Cogs represent a number of nationalities and languages making it possible for us to work on a global basis and interact with a broader client base.

With 5 global offices taking on different languages and nationalities was a natural progression.  We are incredibly proud that our culture and brand which has only strengthened with our expanding and diverse teams. Cogs are a people-centric business. driven by the passion and vision of its employees, having such a culturally vast team is a huge benefit to our growth.

June represents Diversity month for Cogs. As a global business, we want to shine a light on the diverse nationalities and languages of our teams.  From London and Berlin to Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen. We are a growing team of 60 individuals, featuring 13 nationalities and speaking an incredible 16 languages.

Having a diverse workplace helps provide insight into the needs and motivations of all of our client or customer base. Our diverse teams have a wide variety backgrounds and experiences and the ideas generated make us a more innovative and creative business.

Hiring employees who speak a variety of different languages make it possible for a business to work on a wider global scale, and interact with a larger pool of talent. Similarly hiring different nationalities makes the business more relatable and approachable from a wider range of clients.

Cogs spotlight some of our diverse team members and explore what inspired their move:

Chitra Thakore, was born in India, grew up in Malaysia but decided to permanently move to Singapore in 2015 and joined Cogs Singapore in 2017.

What inspired her to move to Singapore?

“I chose to work in Singapore after graduation as it felt closer to home (Malaysia) and it is also known to have a very progressive work culture in Asia. I wanted to be at the helm of where opportunities are, and in hindsight, I feel like I’ve made the right decision.”

Anna Pokhylko, moved to Berlin in the summer of 2018. She has visited just a few times from the Ukraine where she was born and fell in love with the city. When the opportunity came up to join the Cogs Berlin team she jumped at the chance and moved right away.

What is the best thing about working in a new city/ country?

“The best thing about living in a difference country is that it really opens your mind. You start looking at things from another perspective and learn from the new environment so much. Ukraine was not very culturally diverse so coming to Berlin was wonderfully eye opening. I liken the move to a new country to doing a sky-dive – you don’t see much from the ground, but once you’re up there – what a view! ”

Laurence Levy, born in France, spent a year in London before going to study in Shanghai. Work opportunities brought her back to London in 2015 and she now resides at Cogs London.

What made you choose to work in London?

“I really loved my first experience of London, a constant effervescence melting pot of so many different nationalities, origins, religions, social backgrounds, jobs.

London was the perfect match for me between living in a very international place and at the same time being close to my family who is in Paris.”

When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.” — Pat Wadors, Head of HR at LinkedIn.

If you are looking to join a growing global business that celebrates diversity – explore our opportunities today, or contact the team.

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