Ladies Breakfast with Katrina Too

Meet Katrina, as she talks about, being curious, taking risks, failing, and getting back up again:

Ladies Breakfast

Hey gorgeous Ladies,

It was a pleasure to have you at our second Ladies Breakfast! We have already doubled in size, and we are looking forward to meeting the ones who didn’t make it this time at our event in April. To be added to the guest list, please email

This time we had the ever so energetic and vibrant Katrina telling us about her journeys throughout the world and how she has let curiosity lead her. Like she said: “people and timing matter and are very important BUT you must always be searching!” It is about keeping an open mind and enabling those new experiences to expand your horizons.” Obviously, there are times when things get tough and you need to face unexpected events life throws your way (like being dismissed from a job for taking too long of a lunch break – which happened to her, can you believe it!). But remember, “no moment, feeling, experience is permanent!”

And she also covered the topic around taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. She notes that “you’ll start getting comfortable after taking on the first couple of risks (perhaps moving cities, starting a business etc). But what’s most important is that you start seeing this/hitting these goals as a personal virtue! This will help to overcome fear and instead, focus on action.” …. (Dianne suggest reading “Feel the Fear….and Do It Anyway!” by  Susan Jeffers). Facing your fears will help you fall in love with what you do (and with yourself, over and over again), as the feeling you get from facing your fears and accomplishing things you were once terrified, will make a massive difference. 

Some key notes she covered during the presentation in regards to being curious, taking risks, failing, and getting back up again:

Nobody said it was easy.
Always be searching – what’s next?
Consider risks against life goals.
Prioritise learning in budget.
Be adaptable to opportunities but hold integrity in goals and commitment.
Everything is transient.

Here are sites where she gets her inspiration fix from and advises you to check out:

Brain Pickings
First Round Review

And a beautiful motto she follows…

Also, as a technology advocate, Katrina is always part of the tech community,  so she is the Chief Ambassador for StartUp Grind  – a global independent startup community. Watch out for the news about the massive conference hitting the town soon. Expect some big names from the start-up world to cruise around S’Pore soon.

Feel free to connect with the Ladies of the Cogs Agency whenever you feel like catching-up for a cuppa and chat.

Zid  – our Cogs Geisha 🙂

See you in April! Have a beautiful Lunar New Year – let the curiosity connect you with some fantastic adventures ahead.

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