Mindset is Everything

Jan Pautsch talks at the SOULWORX Energizer Q&A Session in Hamburg with fellow thought leaders in the industry.

Last month, Jan Pautsch, Associate Director for Cogs Berlin was exclusively invited to join other Search and HR experts from the likes of  Julia von Winterfeld’s  SOULWORX Energizer Q&A Session in Zippelhaus, Hamburg to discuss the future of digital communication.

Jan was joined by Fabian Kienbaum (CEO of Kienbaum Consulting – a German HR and Executive Search consultancy) and Jenny von Podewills (Co-Founder of Berlin-based HR Tech-Startups Leapsome) and they discussed the future of meaningful communication.

They dealt with the questions such as ‘how communication can be shaped in an increasingly digital and accelerated time?’ and ‘What makes good communication and how do we enable it through digital tools? ‘What are the advantages of future tool communication and how can you smooth out the disadvantages?’

It was an exciting exchange on a wide range of topics. Among other things, they talked about how you can shape communication in and between teams, even across continents, and it was highlighted that attitude and leadership play an enormously important role.

Julia von Winterfeldt has created a genuine space for personal exchange. Find out more about SOULWORX and their upcoming events.

Jan’s personal take away was this: principles, attitude and purpose should determine the nature and form of communication.

Tools should be aligned with that. Not vice versa.

At Cogs we continuously strive to understand our client’s businesses, but equally, our clients also find our expertise and insights extremely useful.


If you would like Jan or any member of the Cogs team to join you for a discussion, event, or recruitment support please contact us.

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