Moving into recruitment from the industry

Recruitment is a fast-paced and competitive industry. It may not be for everyone but for those involved can agree that it is a very rewarding job.

Here at Cogs, more than half of our 60 staff in our offices worldwide come from the digital industry. Often these consultants have many of the hard skills needed for the roles that they now personally recruit.

So why make the switch? And what’s life like on the other side? In this blog, we chat with two of Cogs team to understand more.

Meet  Ena, a Senior Consultant for Technology (above image, left) and Amreen, a Consultant for Design and UX.

What is your past/background before Cogs:

Amreen: I spent 10 years as a creative in the advertising industry and as a side project, I run an online lifestyle gift store called KalaPata.

Ena: Before Cogs, I worked as a web developer and Technical Project/Account Manager for 10 years.

How did you make a decision to join recruitment/work for a recruitment agency?

Amreen: When I wanted to go back to full-time work, I was conscious of looking for opportunities that believed in work-life balance. I knew nothing about recruiting but because of my background in advertising/agency, I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity to learn some complimentary skills. Finally, I love interacting with people and this is a great way to do just that!

Ena: I was at the ‘junction’ in life where I had to decide on the next move in my career. Recruitment has always been something that I’m curious about but never get a chance to try. Then came the opening at Cogs. It is definitely a big career switch! But what makes the decision to join Cogs easily was that I will be recruiting for the Tech desk – which is relevant to my background. I still have this ‘attachment’ to Tech which I would like to keep.

What do you like most about Cogs/recruitment?

Amreen: I love that we are a business that is built around integrity/trust and knowledge and the ever-changing landscape of the digital space makes it so very exciting because there is so much to learn and grow.

Ena: Those who are not in recruitment often assume as a recruiter, the only motivation for a recruiter to help a candidate is because of the fees. (*Well, that’s what I thought too previously!*). But throughout my role here with Cogs, I have plenty of opportunities to be connected with candidates from all walks of life. I feel honoured to have the trust from the candidates in sharing the personal details related to their job search to me. Being able to help candidates in securing an opportunity that meant the ‘world’ to them is the most fulfilling part of my responsibilities.
At Cogs, we operate slightly different to what we focus on are quality over quantity – a key reason that most of our clients appreciate. Being a boutique agency also means we have the flexibility to build a personalized relationship with our clients. Besides understanding their business model and skills that the client is looking for, we take into consideration the personality and culture fit that would fit to what the client is expecting.

If you can give any advice to people who are considering to join Cogs/recruitment what would it be?

Amreen: One word to sum it up would be ‘exhilarating’. There is a very steep learning curve but it’s also very exciting as no two days are the same!

Ena: Recruitment is not an easy journey for those without prior experience and especially who have never been in a position where the need to constantly reach out to people you have never spoken to before. While there are guidance and mentorship, no one would able to tell you if this is going to be a right path for you. The more you speak to and ask questions to those with experience would help you to gain a better understanding of what to know and expect. If you never try, you’ll never know!

So is moving into the industry into recruitment the right move for you?

We are always open to chatting with people who would consider the switch. Recruitment is a fast-paced and competitive industry. It may not be for everyone but for those who are involved in it can all agree on one thing: it is a very rewarding job. There is a sense of pride in having played the part in shaping the careers of candidates as well as impacting a business’s future.

We’ve noticed that there are similar characteristics that enable people to be successful at recruiting:


If you are interested to find out more then please get in touch. You could email Chris Frost about working in Asia or Liam Morgan if you’re keen on working in Europe.

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