Rewarding and recognising results at Cogs Hong Kong

Because we believe that work should bring out your best self and hard work should be rewarded…

The last weekend of June brings about much buzz to our Cogs Hong Kong office. We celebrated the closing of a satisfying First Half of 2018 in true Hong Kong style, with a Junk Party. It was a time to recognise and reward the efforts made…

There is certainly lots to cheer about as we expanded our team in Hong Kong, with 5 new additions coming on board. We also saw the opening of our Shenzhen outfit as we look to develop further relations with businesses in China’s most innovative city. And with all these news about growth, it’s only becoming we moved to a new office location. Having spent 3 years in Central and outgrown the space, it was certainly time for a change.

Coincidentally our junk party occurred on the long weekend leading up to Establishment Day for Hong Kong on 1 July. Establishment Day commemorates the British handover of the harbour city back to the People’s Republic of China and is also a public holiday. Now this gives us more reasons to celebrate.

If you haven’t figured out, a junk party is Hong Kong’s equivalent to a boat party.  The weather was certainly favourable as we started our journey from the iconic Central Piers before sailing eastwards to Sai Kung beach. Our team soaked in the sun and vistas of the skyscrapers in the city to the emerald hills and turquoise waters of Clearwater Bay before anchoring at Sai Kung harbour.

We spent a day out at sea – a great activity for team bonding because there is no way anyone could make a run back to shore on their own. Because most of our time at work is spent speaking with our clients and candidates, having this opportunity to gather and get to know each other beyond our daily grind is a treasured experience. It’s safe to say that even our most socially awkward colleagues managed to survive and enjoy the 6 hours spent interacting with good food, drinks and tunes.

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