Service Jam March 2019: Service Design in Asia

What went on last weekend at Service Jam? Cogs Hong Kong and Singapore teams dove deep into the world of service design with fellow design enthusiasts

The largest gathering of design enthusiasts at the world’s biggest service-design-focused innovation event.

On the last weekend of March, Cogs Singapore and Hong Kong supported their local service jams. Let’s visit both cities to see what happened over the 3 days.

Hong Kong

This year’s service jam was hosted at IBM’s vibrant Headquarters in Hong Kong where we have been a supporter of the city’s jam for the last few years.

At Cogs, we believe in immersing ourselves in what we do, be it industry’s events, organisations and communities.

Aside from providing resources, we sent our new UX/UI, Creative and Design Consultant, Emily Chan who joined Cogs Hong Kong last week as a participant and her team picked up the top spot of the Hong Kong jam! Well done Emily!

It was a real baptism of fire for her induction week at Cogs 😉

There were about 40-odd jammers who spent their weekend working together to develop a service prototype around this year’s theme – ‘Blue’. The jammers come from all backgrounds, business owners, consultants, designers, developers and strategists.

This was what Emily had to say about her first jam, “Service Jam isn’t an event exclusive to design professionals. I felt it is an event about customer-centricity and collaboration – everyone is a consumer and we’re no strangers to collaboration. These touchpoints make service design highly relevant in our lives. I would recommend others to join in the next Jam too. It is an impactful event that matches their vision, you can change the world within 48 hours”.


We are proud to sponsor the first official Service Jam in Singapore.

The Singapore jam was held across 3 different venues over the weekend, in conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2019.

Cogs’s representative Vanessa split her time across the venues at National Design Centre, Carousell – eCommerce platform’s headquarters and PIXEL – the Singapore government’s media innovation hub to observe the attendees and happenings over the 3 days.

Singapore’s jam witness an overwhelming response for attendees, guest speakers and mentor volunteers. These are the amazing guest speakers who impart their knowledge and experience to the attendees about user research, prototyping:

Cogs even had a volunteer mentor who saw the request for volunteers – Yu Shing the UX lead at Tigerspike, as a mentor to the attendees at Carousell. Yu Shing and his team spent their weekend with the jammers and has this to say, “The amount of creativity, eagerness to learn and do good with these quality Singapore talents continuously surprised me in the past weekend.”

Thank you, Yu Shing and team, for making the time to inspire and guide the attendees.

The jam in Singapore would not have been possible if not for Jia Liang, Immanuel and the team.

To sum the weekend, it was eventful and promising and we hope to be supporting Singapore Service Jam in the future.


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