Singapore SE Asia Talent 2020 Overview featuring Lisa Campbell

We speak to Lisa, our SE Asia Director based in Singapore, to discover the in-demand digital roles in 2020. What hiring trends are businesses observin…

We speak to Lisa, our SE Asia Director based in Singapore, to discover the in-demand digital roles in 2020. What hiring trends are businesses observing in this ASEAN?

Peak hiring season begins in February through May. This is the time where most jobs are being advertised and therefore, talent movement tends to be higher.

Ready to transform your organisation with some key hires? Want to know what everyone in the market’s looking for? Wonder what the hiring trends are in 2020?

Look no further! In this series, we speak to our country directors in Singapore, China, Germany and Hong Kong:

At Cogs, knowledge is everything. This is why most of our management have their roots in the digital industry.

Today, we have Lisa, who also happened to be part of the digital industry prior to her recruitment career.

Lisa spent 8 years in the IT industry between support, training and development roles before finding her way to recruiting. Read about Lisa’s appointment at Cogs here ▶

Before Cogs, Lisa was leading Savvy, a brand, design and architecture search firm in APAC, with teams in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Since joining Cogs, she has brought her expertise along with her to our digital practice.

If you’re on the lookout for talent to come onboard your business in Southeast Asia, read on to find out what Lisa has to say.

Question 1: Hi Lisa, since Q4 of 2019 leading into 2020, what are the…

a) Top 3 roles in Singapore and SE Asia and the top industries hiring these roles:

Lisa: Singapore is the leading digital transformation talent in the region. The demand for talent in Singapore reflects the rest of ASEAN.

With that said we observe a higher demand for UX Generalists – from agency, consultancies; across all industries, Software Developers – app/tech companies, Start-ups and lastly, Strategy Director – agency, brand consultancies a pivotal role in an organisation’s digital transformation effort.

b) Skills unique or required for these roles:

Lisa: We’re seeing an increase in requirements for Data and Analytics skills among most candidates. Companies need to hire the right individuals who can mentor and develop these teams as well as invest in upskilling employees with training.

Question 2: What do you think is are the key hiring trends in Singapore?

Lisa: Pre-interview testing for Tech roles, AI screening, Creative test briefs continuing these hiring trends are here to stay.

Question 3: What is the outlook for recruitment of digital transformation talent against the 2020 economic outlook?

Lisa: For Singapore, there is cautious optimism following on from the volatile market towards the end of 2019.

The biggest risk remains the fragility of the external environment (The ongoing Covid-19 spread, US and China trade tensions, Brexit, and the political unrest in Hong Kong).

However, the government is still investing heavily in supporting business growth and new to market companies are continuing to arrive in Singapore, bringing new hiring opportunities with them.

Singapore still has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and retrenchments in 2019 were lower than the previous year.

— END —

Thank you for your time, Lisa!

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