Women’s Day 2019: Female Digital Leaders

We’re in touch with lots of exceptional female talents so why not reach out to these well-known and respected female leaders in the Digital World?

Honouring International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019, Cogs will be featuring women making an impact in the digital space. Let’s speak to these women about their successes and learnings in the workplace and life.

Women have been fighting for their rights since the start of civilisation and it’s no different even as we live in the digital age.

The digital industry takes pride in the way it impacts the world, but the digital sphere is still far from where it should be with regards to gender equality.

Women are yet to gain a foothold in the industry despite their growing number. Female presence is significantly lower in certain sectors compared to others.

For example within the STEM fields in the UK, women only make up 15 percent of those employed. Gender inequality isn’t just confined to the UK or within the STEM fields alone.

There is also an existing lack of women represented in management.

Globally, we hope to see a larger shift in the rise of women taking up C-suite level jobs in our digital industries.

Why women representation matter

The number of women in the digital sector is expected to rise back to 30% by 2022. Figures like this are inspiring more women to join this competitive and male-dominated field sector.

While most organisations are aware of the fact that diversity incubates innovation, they are still not taking the measures needed to vary their talent pool.

Companies should start to include women in their diversity and inclusion strategy in the long-term if they have not done so.

Inclusion isn’t about using numerals to represent female employees in an annual report as ‘worthy mention’.
True inclusion should be woven into the business’s mission, vision and values.

Women in the workplace are true survivors, having overcome stereotypes and biases to be where they are today.

To understand how they deal with gender balance and inequality over their careers, we decided to catch up with some female digital leaders in the Cogs network to share their experience.

The digital femmes we had the opportunity to speak to:

Ivonne Bojoh, CTO and co-founder, GoBear  Read Here

Jade Tomlin, Creative Director, Tribal Worldwide, DDB

Judy Ng, Creative Director, Fidelity International Asia Pacific 

Lauren Pleydell-Pearce, Executive Creative Director, PwC  Read Here

Marianne Guillen, Design Lead, Zalando SE Read Here

We hope their stories would inspire a younger generation of women to join and step up to be leaders in the fields of commerce, creative and tech.



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