Cogs interviews one of the brains behind digital project Sugar Cube Factory

The rendezvous took place in a busy coffee shop in Charing Cross. Sofia Quintero is one of four friends that created Sugar Cube Factory; a project c…

The rendezvous took place in a busy coffee shop in Charing Cross. Sofia Quintero is one of four friends that created Sugar Cube Factory; a project currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Introducing The Sugar Cube Factory from Sugar Cube Factory on Vimeo.

Following is a excerpt of our interview with her:

Stevie: The reason you came to our attention is your amazing presentation which took place at London Pub Summit; which you did standing on a piece of the pub’s furniture; how did that come about?

Sofia: Two of the backers were at the event; the conversation was around funding and how the event was a perfect opportunity to drum up support.  [My colleagues] kept making fun of me saying I should do it; they got some more people involved, and soon there were all these people making fun, so I just did it. You have to do some crazy things to get funded. I knew I would have regretted it if I didn’t take the opportunity.  

Stevie: How did the project come about?

Sofia: I really wanted to create a platform that does something nice for the world. So I started the project with three friends.
Another friend of mine works for one of the largest student organisations, and they actually use sugar cube, but a different type of sugar cube; they meet up to discuss social projects, and at the end of the conference they write on a little piece of paper called a sugar cube about how they had fun.

Stevie: What is your view of Kickstarter?

Sofia: One of the best things ever invented. You can test your idea; you have a chance to understand what people want. The funny thing is we had a TV interview in America, that interview was on the air three times that evening and we only got one backer from it.  [All the other funding] has been social media based.


Stevie: How would you describe the start-up community?

Sofia: No sleep, adrenaline, pure passion, hard working. But it feels so good.

Stevie: How do you deal with the uncertainty and risk?

Sofia: I just think the worse thing that could happen to me is I need to find a job. I focus on the excitement rather than what could go wrong.

Stevie: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Sofia: Don’t get funding until you absolutely need it. Just meet, network and utilise friends and friends of friends.

Stevie: Are there any start-ups that you really like at the moment?

Sofia: [Not a start-up] is really cool, and

Stevie: I read somewhere that you’re a Hip Hop dancer, are you still doing it?

Sofia: Yes!! I had an injury a little while ago but I am still doing it. 

A picture of me and Sofia outside the coffee shop.

Sofia is one of the most energetic, fast paced, driven people I have met in the industry. With all that passion, I’m sure Sugar Cube will be a success; please get over to Kickstarter to back this project.

For more work by Sofia check out

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