New Resolutions and Beginnings: Digital Jobs in Singapore 2016 (Part 2)

Here in the 2nd part of the instalment, we’ll look at what the future holds within the Creative/UX and Adtech/Programmatic segment! Moving on from t…

Here in the 2nd part of the instalment, we’ll look at what the future holds within the Creative/UX and Adtech/Programmatic segment!

Moving on from the previous grounds covered, roles within the creative and adtech space are evolving at ever-increasing speed to meet the demands of the market. Considering what will be available on your plate in the coming months?

Here at Cogs Agency, we’re always open to guide and assist you in looking out for doors of opportunity and making that informed decision before moving on to the next role!



Fast-forward to 2016, copy-based roles will  be streamlined into defined segregated principals such as content strategy and social media/community management as the digital project work taken on by agencies continue to flourish in the social engagement areas of campaign marketing. Core site and product design work will require copywriters to marry brand and technology across various platforms, both internal major intranet types to responsive as immersions of multiple systems across industries keep trending.

A slowdown in hiring of integrated copy writers or very senior writers is to be expected due to need of creatives to straddle across more visual and content ideation requirements. Coupling that would be opportunities for bloggers, social and PR savvy writers as well as journalists sitting in the tech and creative space

Good news, visual designers! You’ll still in the lead of 2016 creative roles as companies are moving beyond traditional and integrated to just about any and everything comms with strong craft in high level interface execution and some front end/prototyping skills, of course. There will be a spike in need of more web and mobile led designers who can also work around pushing out brand marketing ideas for products.


User Experience sector continues to drive strong interest as more and more Mobile marketing will continue to thrive in the region, thus UI designers with good craft overall and branding traits will stand out over the more conventional graphic designers.

Research and Strategy in UX will bring in more senior level hires to organizations that need a strong consultative lead to direct and build teams, taking projects through and through from ground zero to end product. However, there seems to be shortage of junior UX practitioners in the marketing with human factors, research, data or development led backgrounds which seem to be preference in most pure UX companies hiring.


In line with the rising buzz since 2014, Adtech will continue to make a big part of agency spending in 2016 with at least 50% of display advertising sold programmatically across desktop, mobile and social/video.  As a result, there’s burgeoning need in hiring business development, account management and ad ops professionals in this particular segment.

Due to the speed in terms of growth and scale, companies would be looking at procuring mid-level to senior/VP professionals with a proven track record to boot. The swift turnover within performance marketing will mean good news for SEM and programmatic-buying evangelists to grow their experience with various different accounts and clients.

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Walking through the process of making that informed decision in your career move, check out our Salary Benchmark series across digital space throughout 2015:

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In the light of the insights above, it should allow you to take a step back and look at your career direction with an invigorated vision. More than just a change in title or salary increment, it’s time to rethink on what you would want to achieve in the next chapter of your profession.

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