Female Digital Leaders Making an Impact: Judy Ng

This Women’s Month, we speak to women about their life and successes in the digital workplace. Today we feature Judy Ng, Creative Director.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019, we will be featuring women making an impact in the digital space. Let’s speak to these women about their successes and learnings in the workplace and life.

Today we are honoured to have Judy Ng, Creative Director at Fidelity International – the financial services company headquartered in Boston, where she manages the APAC region. More about Judy and her career can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hi Judy, here’s an interesting fact we discovered. In 2017, the website Design Week reported that only 11% of the creative directors in the industry are women. You’re part of that 11%. Since intake in design schools are largely female, what and where have your female peers in school do after graduation?

Some of my peers are still in the industry, and about half of them have quit and pursued other fields. Many young women dropped out of the industry throughout the years. From what I learned, some believe that working in the creative field requires putting in long hours, which translates into an unhealthy work-life balance. There are also those who looked for jobs in industries where the gender pay gap is narrower.

88% of young female creatives say they lack role models. What and who are you personally inspired by and how does this transcend into your work?

I am inspired by leaders who understand people, and those who invest in spending the time to build trust with their staff and customers.

The digital field is cross-disciplinary. Could you speak more on your experience of being a woman in digital design working along techies – a conventionally male-dominated profession? Do you think or feel any different working with a female tech lead?

Being a woman in the digital design industry you need to be confident with your opinions and vocal about your experiences. Luckily, all the organizations I’ve worked with all recognise the importance of gender diversity in management and the other female leaders I had worked with before are treated with respect.

Agency life has notoriously long hours. Since you had worked in an agency before, what do you have to say about their values? Is it truly an environment that isn’t family friendly?

I’ve worked with creatives who managed to have both a career and a family. Agency hours can be long and demanding, especially during pitch seasons, but the effort is worth it. I recommend open-communication, speak to your managers on getting comp (off-in-lieu/replacement leave) days as a trade-off after the pitch has been submitted.

As a woman of ambition and vision, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself in the same field, hopefully empowering other young, creative women to be more vocal in this industry.

— END —

Thank you Judy, for taking the time to speak to us and our readers. We wish you success and joy fulfilling what you set out to do at work and in your personal endeavours.

Connect with Judy here.

Cogs celebrate all the achievements women have made to make their workplace and the world a better place. Happy International Women’s Day and Women’s Month to all the ladies.


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About Judy Ng 

Judy is a creative director with a focus on building brands from a digital experience first perspective. She has helped brands connect with customers in meaningful ways across channels. She strives to do this by fostering a collaborative team environment to be innovative and efficient.

Currently, as Fidelity International’s Creative and Design Lead, Judy is responsible for steering the output of various innovative experiences in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to that, she clocked in at agencies in both Hong Kong and San Francisco partnering with brands such as Cathay Pacific, Infiniti, Shangri La Hotels, Charles Schwann and Blue Cross. Over the years, Judy has led creative teams in digital playgrounds with an overarching philosophy – to make beautifully work simple – that cuts through the noise and help brands tell their stories



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