Junior Art Director Job Description

Junior art directors need to be natural visual thinkers, ready to expand on their skills and learn from senior art directors in order to flourish.

junior art director

To be a good Art Director you will have a natural creative flair and a strong visual style. Cogs have been placing art directors and creative teams across the industry for years, so if you have any questions about getting your first role talk to the Creative and Design team.

In the advertising industry, a junior art director is responsible for creating visual concepts in response to clients’ briefs and relaying them to the art director. This work involves all media platforms, including:

– Digital communications, websites, mobile apps and emails
– Marketing materials
– Press and print advertising
– Television and video
– Logos and branding

Junior art directors need to be natural visual thinkers, ready to expand on their skills and learn from senior art directors in order to flourish.

Often working with a copywriter to develop ideas and concepts,  the job demands the confidence to creatively assertive ideas and the passion to sell ideas to peers and clients. A junior art director will also have some responsibility to help develop the design offering of an agency. Pro-active in approach, and with a genuine understanding of the visual medium, the role is very ‘hands-on’ and often busy.

Typical activities
A junior art director’s tasks will often include:

–          Generating original visual executions that are both exciting and creatively attractive
–          Delivering work of the highest quality after working with team members to develop new ideas
–          Working with the art director and account managers to establish appropriate creative directions
–          Staying abreast of new media formats and learning how to incorporate them into campaigns
–          Working with senior designers and art directors to establish new skills and insights

Skills required

A junior art director needs a wide range of design and creative capabilities. These include:

–          An understanding of creative design and layout
–          Strong skills with design software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
–          The ability to build creative and unique ideas
–          The confidence to communicate your ideas and sell them to peers and clients
–          The flexibility to adapt your ideas to suit client expectations
–          The willingness to work to tight deadlines in high pressured environments without compromising on work quality
–          An awareness of digital media and evolving online platforms
–          An innovative approach to the ways in which advertising is executed
–          A track record of inventive and compelling design work

Junior art directors are expected to present their work in a way that absorbs and engages particular audiences. In time, it is reasonable to expect promotion and the chance to be a key figure in an agency. A good portfolio will give a junior director an edge, so it is important to document all projects.

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