How to Make Your Freelance Design Portfolio Stand-out

The freelance design market is busier than ever – make sure you stand out!

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If you’re looking to snap up the hottest freelance role, you’re going to need a stellar portfolio. Your portfolio is everything – why would a prospective employer take you on if you don’t have anything to show for yourself, particularly in such a chaotic, pressurised market?

Our design consultants have put their heads together and come up with these essential tips to producing an engaging, impressive portfolio, guaranteed to put you at the top of the list for a top role.

Work digital

While it might look great to rock up to a job interview with an A2 folder under your arm, the simplest, cleanest and most effective way to display your portfolio is online.

In today’s digital age, a personalised web portfolio is essentially your storefront, and filling it with eye-catching, eye-watering examples of your work is the best way to convert visits into work requests. Having a digital portfolio online means you can also hand out your portfolio’s URL to anybody and everybody simply in an email.

Also make sure you are using the latest platforms too.

Add value

Most freelancers will feel the urge to talk about themselves and their processes in their portfolio, and while it’s important to have an ‘About Me’ section, it’s more important to put yourself in the position of a prospective employer.

Instead of saying – for example – ‘My name is xyz and I design websites’, say something like ‘You can generate more revenue with a better-designed website and I will make this simple’. Show the client the real value that you can add.

Target practice

Targeting your audience is everything if you want to maximise your portfolio’s potential. Rather than producing one broad portfolio, create a few aimed at specific niches. While a generic portfolio might be best for agency work where demonstrating adaptability is essential, a targeted portfolio will show a future employer that you understand them, their business and their industry, helping you to stand out.

Be distinctive

Your projects take centre stage in your portfolio, but make sure you consider other distinctive elements to help your portfolio stand out, and demonstrate your ability. Do you have any awards, extra qualifications to show off your skills? Do not just list these skills or qualifications (it isn’t a resume) pick the top 5 and come up with creative way to display them, whether it be icons, an infographic or something more inspiring.

Follow the advice of our design consultants, and you’ll see the success of your portfolio soar. In no time at all, you’ll be getting offers from those sought after opportunities, and this only gives you more ammunition to put on your portfolio!

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