Top Summer Reads from Leading Creatives

Cogs asked Creative Directors, Heads of Digital and Managing Directors, what’s on their summer reading list this year….

Leading Creatives

If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

No matter what creative or design roles you have, you will feel overworked and look forward to a much needed summer break. Whether you are kicking back at home, or off somewhere more exotic there is no better way to relax than with a good book.

Cogs decided to ask some of our senior contacts from Creative Directors, Heads of Digital and Managing Directors, to ask  what would their top recommendation for a ‘summer read’, whether it be for knowledge, inspiration or just for fun:

David Shanks, Executive Creative Director at Oliver
Never a Dull Moment is all about 1971, one of the most powerful years in rock music. I guess it’s about creativity, timing, luck, inspiration, technology and at the end of the day, talent. Just by getting on with it. And it’s easy to read.”

Ian Styles, Founder and CEO of new agency ‘Ian Styles’
“At the minute I am reading Zero to One by Peter Theil.  It is really inspiring me to grow my business.”

Jane Austin, Head of UX Telegraph
Turn the Ship Around, by David Marquet is a great read to show what great leadership looks like”

Jason Foo, Founder of BBD Perfect Storm
“A good start is Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott.”

Matt Parks, Global Marketing Officer at jkr
Design Your Life by Vince Frost. In short it’s about applying design based thinking to not only your career but your everyday life.”

Emma Sexton, Founder of Make Your Words Work
“My top recommendation would have to be Paul Arden’s book – It ‘s Not How Good You Are But How Good You Want To Be’ – brilliant.”

Jonny Watson, Digital Creative Director a VCCP Blue
“If you’re asking for a non-industry fiction recommendation, the best book I’ve read for a long while is called The Book Of Dave by Will Self.  It’s incredibly challenging to start with. A lot of people give up early on because Self has created a disorientating new world, a distortion from the one we know with a new language that’s hard to get your head around at first. I remember thinking after finishing the first chapter, “What did I just read?”

Agnieszka Szuba, Creative Director at TBW Creative
“I recommend all of Wally Ollins works, but also Be the worst you can be, by Charles Saatchi  and  also Cognitive Iconology by Ian Verstegen is a fascinating read about how psychology effects the way we view images.”

Bruno Dias, Design Director at R/GA
“There’s plenty of good stuff to read our there but the one that definitely distils the design craft and things that can be applied to so many other areas of life is: The Laws of Simplicity, John Maeda”

Jade Tomlin, Creative Group Head at Hugo & Cat
“The book E, by Matt Beaumont is really funny, for a light hearted read and for nurturing creativity, read the Accidental Creative by Todd Henry.

Brian Cooper, Chief Creative Officer, at Oliver Group
“I’ve always said to writers that the best way to improve your writing is to read. Five rivers met in a wooden plain by Barney Norris. A state of the nation novel revolving round five characters who’s paths cross in one car accident in Salisbury. Where five rivers do actually meet. The writer is only 25, but avoids every creative writing course cliche.
A true original. Plus, Zero K by Don Delillo. Maybe his best work since Underworld? The story revolves around cryogenics. Deeply philosophical, no writer can put so much meaning in one short sentence.”

So there you have it, your reading list for the summer is set by some of London’s leading creatives. If these books inspire you to progress your career why not check out our live creative jobs now or contact the team today to discuss, books, holidays and most importantly your career!

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