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We are big supporters of the independent agency sector in London, it’s sets London apart and boldly shows the rest of the world exactly how tale…

We are big supporters of the independent agency sector in London, it’s sets London apart and boldly shows the rest of the world exactly how talented we can be. So it was with great pleasure that we went to see some old friends of the agency Supernatural  Now, if you have fond memories of The End & AKA , then you’ll know exactly where these guys are based.

Cogs:   So guys, tell us what you’ve been up to recently?

Super natural:   Well….having just celebrated our first birthday and now with a 6 strong super team, we’re pretty happy with the way things are beginning to take shape. The work we do may be niche but we strongly believe we’re pretty bloody good at it. Fortunately for us, others do too.

Cogs:   And where exactly did you learn your trade?

Super natural:   We’ve been heavily involved in display advertising for many years both in full time positions held at the likes of M&C Saatchi and iris plus we’ve worked in freelance capacities working at agencies like, Saint, BBH and CHI.

Cogs:  Happy birthday by the way, what has the last 12 months brought you and has it been difficult going alone?

Super natural:   Immense hard grafting and the usual start-up stress aside, the last year has been an incredibly eye-opening and rewarding experience for us. The industry is going through constant change, so the ability to adapt and be agile enough to respond to these challenges should not be underestimated. We’ve also experienced great successes with our clients – being an independent start-up brings with it its own challenges but we’ve been incredibly lucky with the awesome clients that have believed in us and have enjoyed being part of our journey from day 1. We’ve worked in lots of different agency and client environments before so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’re completely bowled over that the formula which we believe to be the key to our dynamic has seen us through a whole first year. Onwards and upwards!

Cogs:  Have you got a particular project from the last 12 months that stands out?

Super natural:   After a few ‘teaser’ projects from Wieden+Kennedy, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work on what we believe could be this year’s top ad – Three Mobile’s ‘Share The Pony’ brand campaign. The media plan was quite frankly monstrous including a fairly ominously termed launch dubbed ‘Domination day’ by the media agency! The production plan consisted of some 150 separate deliverables, including Flash desktop, Standard and Rich Media as well as Mobile and Tablet HTML5 running on Celtra and Apple’s iAd network. Never wanting to back away from a challenge we scaled up, hired two new members for the team and set to work. The opportunity and the results were proof that our consistently high end product which Super natural trades on, could also be delivered at scale.

Cogs:   I hope you used a reputable recruiter …..oh you did, us! That sounds fairly hectic though so was there anything in particular that stood out now you can look back?

Super natural:   On a project of this size, organisation can either make you or break you; the team were briefed with very strict naming convention rules, design and development locations along with a spec-stacked Google doc containing all the relevant requirements for each deliverable. All this ensured everything we did was designed to size and developed to spec …good job too really as literally everything went live on the same day. The bedrock to the successful delivery of any project though is the team that implements it – without their efforts, this simply wouldn’t have happened.

Cogs:   So what’s next for you in your quest for global domination?

Super natural:   We are bloody excited about the future, but are taking things one step at a time and sticking to the things we know we are the best at doing for now. After this mighty conquest we’re looking forward to the next challenge, whether it be Flash or HTML5, online or outdoor, mobile or tablet, we can deliver… we are Super natural.

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