The World Cyber Security Congress 2017

Cogs sent Cyber Security expert Terry along to the biggest cyber event in town….

World Cyber Security Congress 2017

This week was the World Cyber Security Congress 2017, and with our new cyber desk thriving, we sent Terry Gager along to get the latest insights.

Held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, which proved a perfect venue for the vast exhibitors and the 400+ visitors. As you may imagine, security was tight, but luckily Terry had the necessary ID to enter the prestigious event.

The array of cyber security technology businesses throughout the exhibition was impressive as was the list of keynote speakers.  The first seminar on the agenda was held by Recorded Future, a company with fascinating insights into how AI can be applied to augment the capabilities of human threat intelligence analysis. Terry managed to chat to the awe-inspiring and incredibly humble Staffan Truve, CTO for Recorded Future after the talk about their products, Terry was able to share his views on where the sector is heading and what impact their product will have on staffing levels.

More networking followed for our cyber whizz as he chatted to Malcolm Murphy of InfoBlox, a company that focuses on managing and identifying devices connected to networks. They discussed InfoBlox’s DNS Firewall which sounds like a top product. Terry had spoken to Malcolm in the past so the conversation naturally moved on to talking about recruiters and head-hunters and how they are perceived in the industry. It’s very clear that Malcom and InfoBlox really value good relationships with recruitment agencies who know their stuff.

Directly next to InfoBlox was Babcock MSS, Terry was approached by an Account Executive from the team who did a great job of telling him about the great services that Babcock offer and why they are better than their competitors – all very impressive. James Phelpstead, Head of Security Operations for Babcock also joined them to share information on the sector, how Babcock have got years of knowledge within SOC operations beyond the time they have been an MSSP. It was refreshing to hear James speak so highly of how graduates could support and address the skills shortage in the sector.

The highlight of the day was the Darktrace seminar on their dynamic 3D interface – Threat Visualizer! It was a live demonstration of how this interface is able to show 100% network visibility, graphically represent an organisation’s entire network and allow investigation of anomalies detected by Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System. Terry felt it was a privilege watch this demonstration, as recruiters don’t often get to see the magic happen!

Having caught the Threat Intelligence bug, Terry ventured to the Anomali exhibition stand and was warmly greeted by the Anomali Team. They proved to be a passionate group of people, happy to share insights into their product and left Terry impressed by the depth of sector knowledge.

Overall, The World Cyber Congress was a thrill for cyber enthusiast Terry. The day was full of insights into more than just cyber security but also threat intelligence and SIEM technology. Talk to Terry today to hear his thoughts on the up and coming trends of cyber security in the market and explore the latest opportunities.

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