How AI changed the game for Hiring and Jobseekers

How did a jobs board implement Artificial Intelligence to match jobseekers to their dream jobs? We find out from SEEK Asia’s Product Team on 18 Feb…

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over daily life and that includes our careers. We find out with SEEK Asia how they incorporated AI to power their services for the job search process.

On February 18, Cogs Hong Kong supported an event on the topic of “Matching People and Jobs with Artificial Intelligence” together with SEEK Asia.

SEEK may be an unfamiliar name but their brands jobsDB and JobStreet are definitely not new to job seekers and companies hiring in Oceania, Asia Pacific and South America.  Initially an online jobs classifieds board, Seek has evolved and expanded over the years to be an end-to-end partner for hiring solutions.

Adopting A.I has helped the product team at Seek to achieve their ambitions of facilitating the matching and communication of job opportunities between candidates and hirers. We had the privilege of having SEEK Asia’s Product Director, Sharon Anne Kean, Senior Product Manager, Sami Chib and Product Manager Jacqui McCudden from SEEK Melbourne to share their experience guiding and leading a cross-functional team in delivering better services for SEEK’s clients and users.

The team touched upon what were the essentials of implementing a successful machine learning programme at SEEK.

One of the keys that contributed to the success was having a good relationship with their engineers and data scientists by influencing their mode of interaction and convincing them to accept experimentations for better collaboration and fine-tuning results.

Once they had the requirements they had set themselves out for, they started to lean in on observing consumer behaviour on their site to personalise each user’s experience.

They also shared on who SEEK looked up to as role models in the field of AI i.e. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Spotify etc. to learn from.

Although the team at SEEK sat on legacy data from the beginning of their business, they acknowledge that mining the said data would not be a time-efficient way. So they sat on a trajectory to capture information that is unique from available data sources online.

The biggest takeaway the team had to share to improve their performance was weighing indicators or signals that consumers provide implicitly and explicitly. By implicitly they meant, by the trail of information users leave behind and explicitly, the information SEEK obtained by asking users what they want through surveys.



About SEEK

SEEK Asia is an extension of SEEK, combines the two giants in job portal brands, jobsDB and JobStreet, under one roof and helps improve the lives of millions across Asia through comprehensive platforms.


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