Blockchain Engineer – Rust or Golang

  • Term: Permanent
  • Location: China
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Job Reference: 5986

As a blockchain development engineer, you will work on core blockchain development, optimize internal data structures, and write encryption algorithms and protocol specifications. You will also participate in the design and maintenance of interfaces to build a broader ecosystem.

* Development activities include development, proposing architectural decisions, participating in designs, design review, code review, and implementation
* Identify issues and implement solutions to complex problems in the blockchain protocol
* Analyze and solve difficult problems across the blockchain protocol
* Work closely with operations and infrastructure to build high scale backend services
* Management of documentation of all code and functionalities implemented
* Work closely with DevOps and ecosystem engineers to improve tech stack for long-term engineering initiatives

* Interested in building first-class product to solve real-world problems
* Experienced with various technologies, a fast learner and have a “get things done” mentality
* Strong organizational skills, interpersonal skills and having the ability to juggle conflicting requirements from many different stakeholders
* Humble to embrace better ideas from others, eager to make things better, open to challenges and possibilities
* Self-starter who can define and execute tasks with minimal guidance
* Open to learning, collaborative, willing to give and receive feedback
* 5+ years of engineering experience, preferably strong backend development experience (e.g. Go, Java, Erlang)
* Hands-on experience in using basic cryptographic primitives (e.g. BouncyCastle in Java): digital signatures, key exchange, symmetric and asymmetric encryption
* Basic knowledge of distributed systems and understanding of consensus algorithms, such as Raft or PBFT
* Experience with or interest in Rust
* Hands-on experience with any existing blockchain system internals is welcomed but not required

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