Golang Engineer

  • Term: Permanent
  • Location: Singapore
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Job Reference: 6025
Our client is a unicorn startup in the cryptocurrency industry globally.

• Responsible for the R & D and maintenance of the server of the platform;
• Responsible for business system requirement analysis, architecture design and development;
• Participate in the development of Microservice architecture and component library;
• Participate in technical scheme discussion to ensure the stability, availability and security of the system under high concurrent access;
• At least 1 year Go development experience, understand the operation principle of Go language, skillfully use Golang to develop web and microservice applications;
• Familiar with Linux network programming framework and multi thread / multi process programming;
• Familiar with restful API, Redis, Mysql, GIT, Linux, Nosql, message queue and other common components;
• Good coding habits, excellent design ability, love programming;
• Positive and optimistic, strong sense of responsibility, good team communication and cooperation ability;
• Like new technology, have strong learning ability, have a strong thirst for knowledge, curiosity and enterprising spirit, can timely pay attention to and learn the latest technology in the industry

Please send your CVs to: Shuyan.Huang@cogsagency.com

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