Cogs Contributes: Cogs Enter Voluntary Programme at ReDI School

Cogs Berlin is proud to announce a collaboration with ReDI, a non-profit digital school that provides IT courses for asylum seekers. By using technolo…


Cogs Berlin is proud to announce a collaboration with ReDI, a non-profit digital school that provides IT courses for asylum seekers. By using technology, ReDI School helps break down barriers and connect with the leaders of tomorrow.

Founded in 2016, ReDI School of Digital Integration aims to help asylum seekers in Germany to integrate by giving them essential digital skills along with networking opportunities, helping them to pave the way for a future career.

The school offers courses taught by volunteers who are well-established industry professionals in front and back-end development, UX and UI design and product management. But for ReDI students, learning the skills and receiving an education is only half of what the ReDI programme offers. The other half enables students to discover how to convince potential employers they are the best candidate for the roles they’re applying for.  Here is where the Cogs Berlin team came in…

Essential recruitment knowledge and know-how

Our team created a comprehensive presentation that covered the top tips and tricks on how to get that dream job. From how best to fill in applications, key interviewing skills and editing CVs through to interactive workshops and mock interviews, Cogs consultants demonstrated to students the many ways to improve their digital presence.

As Cogs are specialists in digital recruitment, we knew our expertise would be extremely valuable for the students. Former ReDI student Mustafa Fateh, a Syrian refugee who is now interning at Cisco said: “I am really glad that I attended this workshop and I was very happy to speak with the team. I learned a lot from their experience and was provided with guidance”.

Inspiration flows both ways

The event was just as inspiring for Cogs presenters as it was for the attendees. Jan Pautsch, Associate Director Cogs Berlin said: “Working with the students of the ReDI School was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. Firstly, it was great to see how determined, enthusiastic and highly qualified many of the students are. On the other hand, we were able to offer significant applied consultancy and support: from career coaching to self-branding, up to making specific contacts in the tech industry. It enabled us as a team to experience how we can powerfully contribute to social, political and social challenges. In this way, we as Cogs make our contribution to bringing the human aspect back to human capital”.

Investing in people

It’s events like these that remind us what Cogs is all about at the end of the day – people.

Following on from working with ReDI School, we are already planning our next volunteering event, this time we’re aiming to involve the agency’s clients. If you have some great ideas or would like to get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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