The Digital Speak-Easy Series: What Motivates Digital Professionals?

This infographic explores what motivates digital professionals? What makes them tick?

Digital Professionals

The digital industry is constantly evolving, whether it be digital transformation, changing client needs or industry trends and those working in this industry evolve too.

Cogs have been working with digital professionals for over many years so we know what makes them tick, but with so many changes happening we wanted to find out if you were you changing too? What motivates you to work harder, what incentivises you? Also what makes you want to leave your job and what could a new employer offer you to move?

We surveyed over 500 of our digital professionals and the results were really insightful. Over the coming week’s we will be positing a range of infographics to help provide you with digestible data to share with your colleagues.


To summarise….

When considering the biggest motivator at work, you would assume it to be ‘money’ , but quite surprisingly almost a 1/3 of digital professionals chose ‘promotion and progression’ as their biggest motivator at work. This shows how important personal development is within our industry. It’s notoriously difficult to gage when an individual is ready to progress to a higher level, but agencies should take heed of this and ensure that internal promotions are something that are not overlooked.

We asked what other factors were important to digital talent with regards to their level of motivation and it was exciting to see that ‘company ethos’, ‘creative freedom’ and ‘good work’  all featured highly.  This proves that passion for the industry is still strong and that the thrill of great work and a stimulating work environment are also vital!

Within any agency and business, there is a huge investment into incentives to boost morale, hit targets and encourage good performance.  However what the results of our survey clearly show is that group/team incentives do not motivate individuals anywhere near as much as financial rewards, with over 30% making that quite clear compared to a mere 6% for team incentives. Furthermore, second to financial incentives the clear choice was career progression, which again supports importance of  personal development.

Benefit packages are getting stronger than ever making it a huge factor for people choosing to stay or move companies. The more obvious benefit packages that include pension or healthcare are now coming up against a wider range of offerings. Our findings show that for digital professionals specifically, flexible working is the benefit they would all value the most. While this benefit was closely followed by pension and healthcare, it really shows there is a shift in the way people want to work. With lifestyles becoming more hectic than ever, achieving a work life balance has become the key to a happy life and enabling your staff to work to a schedule that suits them will get the best output.

It’s clear that there is a major shift happening with the way digital talent work and are motivated, forget generation x and y  this effects all ages and levels within our industry and many others. Whether you are an employer or a manager, now is the time to have a close look at the package and business you offer your team. Businesses don’t have cash to throw at employees like they used to and as the results show – it is not even necessarily what motives your employees anymore. Talk to your staff, engage and consider what would work for them, there are plenty of incentives you can introduce that do not even come at a financial cost – company ethos, mentor schemes, progression opportunities and flexible working hours, these types of incentives can transform your team and ensure employees are loyal and motivated to do the best job possible for you.

If you are feeling unmotivated in your current role, why not explore our current digital opportunities across the globe. Or if you want to hire some fresh talent to your team and boost morale and company ethos talk to our team today.

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