So Who Should be Hiring in Cyber Security?

2017 is the time to get prepared and protected ahead of the looming cyber threats…

Cyber Security

When it comes to Cyber Security – no one is safe. From Governments and global brands to smaller businesses and even individuals. While the threats have always been there, cyber security has been something that many c-suite executives have overlooked in the past, however in 2017 it’s time to act – it should now be a top priority in every business.

2017 will also see more regulations and restrictions bring brought into businesses to form protection strategies, Cyber insurance is also thought to be at its highest ever this year –  so it will pay to be prepared.

Who will be affected?

The government are investing £1.9 billion into a National Cyber Security Strategy currently, to ‘Define, Deter, and Develop’ our nation’s defences against cyber attacks.  Leading cyber security firms across the UK will also be receiving the highest level of venture capital funding to date –  proving the cyber security sector is absolutely booming. It’s an area that will affect everyone and every business in the future and it is a costly mistake if you are not properly protected.

This really is an area that will affect everyone and every business in the future and it is a costly mistake if you are not properly protected.

How are they attacking?

Cyber Security protects more than just your employees and their personal data and passwords but it can work to prevent hackers cracking into your sensitive business files which can have a damaging effect on your reputation if cracked.

There are two areas of cyber security that are becoming more prevalent in businesses, one which is Zero-Day Attacks where hackers target vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered in your system. The second is Cloud-Data leakage, which is when businesses upload sensitive company information to cloud services like dropbox and stand the chance of an attack.

Where to hire help?

Due the fast paced nature and developing threats of cyber security – top quality Cyber Security consultants, are hard to come by. At Cogs, we now have a fully dedicated Cyber Security Desk, led by Terry who has years of experience recruiting into the area but also has an indepth understanding of the developing risks within this area. As well as a strong current network, Terry also offers a market mapping and headhunting service and would be happy to chat to anybody in regard to the current and future skill shortage trends affecting the sector.

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