Who do You Dream of Working For?

As we launch the Digital Employer Brand Survey we want to know the top 5 companies you would LOVE to work for…


Clearly, all employers think they are great (and many are) but we are asking YOU, the prospective employees, what you think!

Cogs have launched a Digital Employer Brand Survey where we are asking digital specialists across the Globe for the top 5 companies they would consider working for and the 3 main reasons why they would choose a new employer.  The tables have turned in recent years and the calibre of talent that a company can attract (and retain) is more important to their success than ever before; great people make great business and products after all.

We would love to hear your opinions and views so we can get a unique insight into best companies to work for. We’ll publish the insights and data on our blog for you to see.  As well as knowing who are the most attractive companies and why people are interested, we’ll be able to categorise these by company type and see variations between levels and types of people based on skills and levels.  In short lots of number crunching for us and insights to gather but we think it will be an interesting study and make your company choices much easier.

The survey will take just 2 minutes of your time and your responses are completely confidential. As an added sweetener, we’re going to pick 2 contributors at random and send them a FitBit!

If you’re interested in how we will compile the league once you recommend 5 companies in order of preference,  the company you put as number 1 will get 5 points, number 2 will get 4 points, no 3 gets 3 points and so on.  Once we’ve heard from enough people we’ll have a definitive list and comprehensive view on where digital talent actually wants to work and why.

Take the survey now:

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