It’s the festive time of the year where gratitude is practised. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your recruitment journey.

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As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business.


It’s been quite a year! We hope that 2018 has been just as memorable for you, your colleagues and your loved ones. We look forward to working with you. Let’s toast to 2019 with a clip from Carbon.tv

已经有一年了! 我们希望2018年对您,您的同事和您所爱的人来说同样令人难忘。 我们期待着与您的合作。 让我们用来自Carbon.tv的片段敬酒到2019年

Here’s a catch up from our offices in Berlin, Hong Kong & Greater China, London and Singapore on their 2018 achievements and a glimpse of the recruitment and employment market in the coming year.



Associate Directors, Kimberly Bohle and Jan Pautsch

Cogs Berlin has seen an amazing shift in 2018. This is the year that we introduced Executive Search and conducted searches with 2 different blockchain companies. In addition to Germany, we began to work in the Swiss market. We see increased requests in the fields of AI, Transformation, Business- and Experience Design.

Cogs Berlin continues to work with network agencies, digital business transformation hubs and leading brand agencies. In 2018, we brought on many new tech brands and global software companies as well as multiple innovation labs. We are specialized in hiring teams for start-ups or newly formed agency units.

The team is always growing, we are always looking for great recruiters.

副董事Kimberly BohleJan Pautsch

Cogs Berlin在2018年出现了惊人的转变。这是我们推出Executive Search并与2个不同的区块链公司进行搜索的一年。 除德国外,我们还开始在瑞士市场工作。 我们看到人工智能,转型,商业和体验设计领域的要求越来越多。

Cogs Berlin继续与网络代理商,数字业务转型中心和领先的品牌代理商合作。 2018年,我们引进了许多新的科技品牌和全球软件公司以及多个创新实验室。 我们专注于为初创企业或新成立的代理单位招聘团队。


Hong Kong & Greater China

Director, Damien Bell 

Cogs Greater China offices have had a positive 2018. We’ve seen growth in all areas our Hong Kong consulting practices; design, technology and commercial.  As well as extending our China business and client base, by establishing a research team and new office in Shenzhen. This year we’ve seen a shift to working with more enterprise clients, supporting major global companies in finance, telco and retail as they invest in their digital strategy and touch points.  We’ve continued to do great work with exciting start-ups as well as digital agencies and consulting firms.

We moved office in HK this year to allow for growth and with the team in HK now at 14 and growing, with new Q1 hires, we’re filling up our new space quickly.

Damien Bell 董事

Cogs大中华区办事处2018年取得了积极成果。我们的香港咨询业务在所有领域都有所增长; 设计,技术和商业。 通过在深圳建立研究团队和新办事处,拓展我们的中国业务和客户群。 今年,我们看到了转向与更多企业客户合作,支持金融,电信和零售等全球主要公司投资数字战略和接触点。 我们继续与令人兴奋的初创企业以及数字代理商和咨询公司合作。



Director, James Applebaum 

Cogs London have had an eventful year dictated by politics and an ever changing market. We have ended the year on a high completely overhauling our clients, working in new landscapes which include Commercial Banking, Energy, Retail/eCommerce, Property, Technology and Consultancy to name a few. Our main aim for 2018 was to streamline our practises to coincide with arguably, one of London’s most buoyant markets; Digital Transformation and Products which we look to continue to build upon.

In addition to this we have moved address to WeWork, Mark Square, Shoreditch which has allowed us to be more agile in how we operate making sure people have the flexibility to be most productive meaning we are well poised for a successful 2019.

James Applebaum董事

Cogs伦敦有一个充满活力的一年,由政治和不断变化的市场决定。 我们已经结束了今年的高度全面检修我们的客户,在新的景观工作,包括商业银行,能源,零售/电子商务,房地产,技术和咨询等等。 我们2018年的主要目标是精简我们的做法,以配合伦敦最活跃的市场之一; 数字化转型和我们希望继续发展的产品。

除此之外,我们已将地址移至WeWork,Mark Square,Shoreditch,这使我们能够更灵活地运作,确保人们具有最高效的灵活性,这意味着我们已经为2019年的成功做好准备。


Director, Abigail Lim

It has been a very busy Q4 in Singapore and the whole of 2018. Our team has been occupied with partnerships and placements in the Management Consultant/ Business Strategy, Product Ownership, Product Design, Marketing, Social Media and SaaS Sales space across various industries. We were fortunate to have some strong additions to the team; Lebelle and Hartaz* and we will continue to grow in numbers in our Creative and Tech desks in 2019.

董事,Abigail Lim

在新加坡和整个2018年,这是一个非常繁忙的第四季度。我们的团队一直在各个行业的管理顾问/业务战略,产品所有权,产品设计,营销,社交媒体和SaaS销售空间中担任合作伙伴和职位。 我们很幸运能够为团队增添一些力量; Lebelle和Hartaz *我们将在2019年的创意和技术服务台中继续增加数量。

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