The 2016 German Digital Market Roundup & Salary Survey

Insights into the German market in 2016 and a full digital salary benchmark…

German Digital Market

As such, the job market in Berlin has become an interesting cross-section of skills, and the demand for talent of different but overlapping disciplines has led to increasing mobility for candidates from all sorts of backgrounds (e.g. agencies, brands, corporates etc.) to switch into newer environments (e.g. startups, consulting firms) and vice versa. Berlin’s diverse and international workforce are adding real value to organisations based here, and opportunities are constantly opening up for candidates across Europe and further afield looking to progress their careers in the German capital.

We have collated a salary benchmark of the digital market in Germany for 2016/2017. Remember, any salary listed on a job spec or on our benchmark is negotiable. There are a number of variables to take into account from skill set to type and size of company, number of years’ service, but also on time spent working in Berlin and on regional projects.

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If you are not based in Germany but want to explore a temporary or permanent move there, have a look at our guide to working in Berlin  to find out more.

Executive Creative Director 110 K EUR
Senior Creative Director 95 K EUR
Creative Director 80 K EUR
Associate Creative Director 70 K EUR
Design Director 85 K EUR
Senior Art Director 65 K EUR
Mid-weight Art Director 45 K EUR
Junior Art Director 35 K EUR
Head of Copy 70 K EUR
Senior Copywriter 65 K EUR
Mid-weight Copywriter 45 K EUR
Junior Copywriter 35 K EUR


Head of Development/CTO 110K EUR
Head of Creative Technology 75K EUR
Technical Project Manager 60K EUR
Technical Architect 75K EUR
Senior Backend Developer 60K EUR
Backend Developer 50K EUR
Junior Backend Developer 40K EUR
Senior Frontend Developer 60K EUR
Frontend Developer 50K EUR
Junior Frontend Developer 35K EUR
Senior Mobile Developer 65K EUR
Mobile Developer 50K EUR
Junior Mobile Developer 40K EUR
Senior Creative Technologist 55K EUR
Creative Technologist 45K EUR
Junior Creative Technologist 35K EUR


Head of User Experience 95K EUR
Senior User Experience Designer 75K EUR
Mid-weight User Experience Designer 55K EUR
Junior User Experience Designer 40K EUR


Managing Director 130K EUR
General Manager 95K EUR
Client Services Director 90K EUR
Business Director 80K EUR
Group Account Director 75K EUR
Senior Account Director 70K EUR
Account Director 60K EUR
Account Manager 45K EUR
Account Executive 30K EUR


Operations Director N/A
Head of Project Management 85K EUR
Project Director 80K EUR
Senior Project Manager 60K EUR
Project Manager 50K EUR
Junior Project Manager 35K EUR


Head of Planning / Strategy 100K EUR
Planning / Strategy Director 80K EUR
Senior Planner / Strategist 60K EUR
Planner / Strategist 48K EUR
Research Analyst / Junior Planner 36K EUR


General Manager
Head of Ecommerce 140K EUR
Digital /Online Marketing Manager 60K EUR
Digital/Online Senior Marketing Exec 80K EUR
Digital/Online Marketing Executive 45K EUR
Scrum Master 50K EUR
Product Manager 55K EUR
Online Games Producer 45K EUR
Web Content Manager 60K EUR
Web Content Editor / Producer Junior 30K – Senior 80K
Social Media / Community Manager Junior 30K – Head of 90K


Business Analyst (Web) 60K EUR
Web Analytics Manager 57K EUR
Web Analytics Executive 36K EUR
Data Analyst 60K EUR
SEO Manager 55K – Head of 80K EUR
SEO Executive 36K EUR
Paid Search Manager 55k – Head of 80K EUR
Paid Search Executive 36K EUR


Head of Social 80K EUR
Senior Social Strategist 65K EUR
Social Strategist 50K EUR
Senior Content Strategist 68K EUR
Content Strategist 52K EUR
Senior Community Manager 48K EUR
Community Manager 36K EUR
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