The Booming Digital and Ecommerce Market in Singapore

A huge surge in the digital and ecommerce markets has lead Cogs Singapore to take on an exciting new hire…

Ecommerce Market

Former CEO of SingPost Wolfgang Baier joins cosmetic distributor Luxasia! This is the latest in a series of digital and ecommerce executive appointments within the finance and retail sectors over the last two years. In addition, the Singapore Government is heavily investing in this space in order to attract, retain and shape up a new generation of high skilled workforce. All these efforts led to an estimation that the local ecommerce market will grow to a value of US$5.4 billion (S$7.46 billion) by 2025.

Citing Uber and Grab alongside several local SMEs making financial waves recently, Singapore Prime Minister Lee has also focused on the importance of change and transformation for Singapore’s next 50 years during last night’s National Day Rally 2016 (#NDR2016). No doubt, technology and globalisation are disrupting the economy and it will become the new normal.

This is great news for Abigail Lim and the rest of the Cogs Singapore team. As Cogs Agency’s fourth office, it was set up in 2014 catering to the increased demand for digital talent. With over ten years’ as a specialist in digital and a growing global network, we feel well positioned to keep up with the demand. Most recently, Abigail Lim has joined the Singapore team with a focus on partnering with Start-ups, Dotcoms and Fortune 1000 businesses.

Abigail is one of Singapore’s first digital recruiters and has worked on some enviable hiring projects within the SEA markets.  She specialises in functional and management hires across ecommerce, digital/ mobile product and marketing through retained and exclusive recruitment services and understands the branding market extensively. Due to the nature of Executive Search and the market’s small talent pool, she had supported, managed and relocated professionals with Digital capabilities from cities such as London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai.

So if you are brand or business looking to expand your team or are a talented candidate looking for your next opportunity within big brands or eCommerce then contact Abigail today.

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