Cogs go 3D

3D is booming and we are thrilled to welcome Joanna to our 3D expert to the team and announce our 3D desk is now officially open.


The world of 3D has completely revolutionised the creative and digital industries over the last decade. From truly breath-taking architectural work to incredible creations in 3D printing – to the amazing VFX we see on adverts and movies,  there is no escaping this new visual world.

There are many different areas in 3D, from the virtual to the physical.

The virtual side includes the CGI, VFX and Artificial Reality. While this directly relates to the world of digital and design, this ever adapting path of technology will eventually effect every industry – with businesses across the globe striving to accomplish virtual side of design. Another virtual aspect of 3D is animation, whereby designers can specialise in modelling, texturing and lighting to create amazing moving images.

The physical side of 3D is predominantly interiors and architecture. This can be anything from designing a retail store to a £40 million home in Central London to a design of a boutique cafe in Shoreditch. These agencies won’t be complete without the architects and the technicians who specialise in the foundations and technical designs of the projects.

Cogs always strive to be at the forefront of creativity and as such have opened a 3D desk in our London office, which will be headed up by a new recruit, Joanna Sweetland. Following a successful year running a 3D desk at one of London’s creative recruitment consultancies, Joanna took the position as Head of Business Development at Vyonyx – a visualisation studio offering cutting-edge effective creativity solutions for architects, designers and property developers – which enabled her to grow her network and extend her knowledge of the world of 3D and architecture.

We are thrilled to welcome Joanna to the Cogs team and announce our 3D Desk  is now officially open. The roles we now recruit for both on a permanent and freelance basis, include:

3D generalists
CGI Artists/visualisers
Texturing artists
Lighting artists
3D Modellers
Interior Designers

If you are interested in exploring our current 3D opportunities or are looking to fill some role within this area please contact Joanna today. 

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