Cogs Rings in the Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year from us at Cogs. It’s the year of the Pig in 2019. How do we celebrate the New Year in our Asian offices? Come take a peek…

With our presence in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, how can we not celebrate Chinese New Year with our Chinese clients and candidates?

Chinese New Year falls on 5 February 2019 and it is the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle (12 animals, one cycle). It’s thought to bring affluence, or wealth unto others.

To celebrate this holiday, we have a little animation for you to enjoy, courtesy of

For those unfamiliar with Chinese customs, the New Year is known as Spring Festival and is symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Spring cleaning the home and buying new clothing is part and parcel of how modern Chinese celebrate during the festive occasion. The act of cleaning and using new things are seen as shaking off any ‘bad’ energy from the past year.

Another aspect of Chinese New Year is the concept of “reunion”, getting together with family and friends.

Did you know that Chinese New Year is when the largest annual human migration happens in the world? 20 per cent of the world’s population is on the move to return home to welcome the lunar year.

There is an official 7-8 day national holiday for those residing or working in Greater China, people have sufficient time to return home for the holidays.

Here’s how our Singapore team celebrate:

Here’s how our Hong Kong and China team celebrates:

Team Hong Kong decided to give back in this season of receiving instead! Each colleague received a bundle of Save the Children’s “100 Years of Change” Red Packets.

The proceeds of the sales will go to support the continuous work the charity does for kids in need. For details, visit Save the Children here:

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