Copywriter Job Description

A Copywriter is responsible for creating pristine written text that works hand-in-hand with the visual concepts generated by an Art Director.

copywriter job

In the advertising and creative industries, a copywriter is responsible for creating pristine written text (known as ‘copy’) that works hand-in-hand with the visual concepts generated by the art director. All copy must be written in the tone suitable for the client and brand style and appropriate for many platforms, including:

–          Websites, mobile apps, emails, social media, blogs

–          Marketing materials

–          Press advertising

–          News releases

–          Sales letters

–          Articles

–          Brochures

Often working with the art director in order to construct effective creative work that brings client satisfaction, a copywriter needs a creative mind alongside an organised approach and the ability to think laterally and literally.

The copywriters must keep an eye on any changes to the media landscape that will influence concepts and make projects innovative and fresh. A professional outlook is also required to handle any copy amendments requested by the client, and meticulous research skills will ensure all copy is accurate and factual.

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Typical activities
For most copywriters, common activities include:

  • Understanding the message the client is seeking to express and translating this into written content
  • Writing copy to engage the reader
  • Carrying out amendments to client specifications
  • Adhering to the tone-of-voice requested by the client
  • Working with the art director to devise creative strategies
  • Liaising with the client on a regular basis
  • Generating creative ideas to build innovative campaigns
  • Providing feedback to junior copywriters

Skills required

Depending on their precise role, a copywriter needs a wide range of capabilities. These include:

  • The ability to write and think creatively
  • Significant experience in writing strong, succinct copy that is grammatically correct
  • A flexible approach and willingness to adapt ideas to the needs of clients
  • The ability to work to strict deadlines without compromising on work quality
  • The ability to work within allocated budgets
  • Great organisational skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Strong research skills

Having a passion for the written word sets an excellent copywriter apart from the average, so a solid portfolio is the best way to entice employers, and show you have the skills to write on a number of topics.

Expect to work regular office hours, with the odd ‘out of hours’ shift at times of high volume.

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