Developer Job Description

Working with the creative team, a developer is responsible for making ideas a reality. Fluency in JavaScript, CSS and HTML is essential.

developer job

Whether you’re at a Junior or Senior Developer level, we talk your language.  The Tech team know all there is to know about  JavaScript, Net, Python and more. , Django, Ruby-on-Rails, and will get you the very best opportunity.

A developer may work across a number of digital platforms, in a variety of creative industries including; marketing, advertising and IT – and contributing to projects such as:

–          Website development

–          Front end development

–          Online advertising

–          App development

–          Micro-sites

–          Coding

–          Back end development

In league with the creative team, a developer is responsible for making ideas a reality, and so needs to be confident enough to push boundaries and catch the eye of an audience.

A strong passion for technology is important, whilst learning new skills and techniques that can be utilised effectively in many settings. Fluent in digital languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML is standard, as is the expertise to work with Adobe suites such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Companies may also be looking for proficiency in areas such as .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework and Flash, depending on the campaigns they deliver.

A developer must also be a great communicator, as collaboration with many different team members and constantly demonstrate innovative expertise is not uncommon. The ability to stick to deadlines and stay within budgets is also crucial.

Typical activities
The specific details of a developer’s role will vary depending on the employer, but common activities include:

  • Staying abreast of the latest technologies to push campaigns further
  • Exploring ideas with team members, and offering insightful and creative input
  • Translating ideas into prototypes to determine their viability
  • Selling ideas to other members of the team and clients
  • CMS building
  • Front and back end development
  • hnadling tight deadlines with a cool head
  • Attending meetings and briefings with clients and peers
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other coding

Skills required

A developer needs a wide range of design, technical and creative abilities. These include:

–          Strong written and verbal communication skills

–          Confidence to express ideas as part of a creative team

–          A clear and genuine knowledge of technology and digital tools

–          The ability to meet deadlines

–          Strong coding experience

–          A passionate approach to work with a desire to push boundaries

–          The ability to explain technical jargon to peers and clients

–          The skill to build a website from start to finish and to the highest standard

–          A full understanding of the structure of web, app and other digital projects

Working mainly in an office environment, you will use your expertise strive to produce robust systems ready to meet clients’ expectations, often to tight deadlines and budgets.

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