Fashion and Retail: We’re Open for Business

With vast changes to the fashion and retail industries Cogs open a dedicated recruitment desk…

Fashion and Retail

Fashion and retail go hand in hand creating a multi-billion-pound industry and over the past 20 years there have been huge changes in the way they work, design, distribute and market. The industry is hugely popular with thousands of aspiring talents fighting for a handful of sought after roles, which has led to a fiercely competitive job market.

To be successful in fashion and retail today you need outstanding products and increased innovation; brands and businesses need to stand out from a crowd and to do that they require highly skilled teams with vision. As well as this, the rise of ecommerce across the world means there is a growing demand for digital talent within these industries.

While Cogs have worked with leading brands within the retail sector for many years, we felt with the vast changes to this industry it was time to take our dedication to another level and open up an exclusive fashion and retail desk at Cogs.

Heading up the desk is the talented Sabrina, who has over 10 years’ experience within recruitment and new business and has been with Cogs for the past 2 years, working with global fashion and retail brands. After a brief break for maternity leave she is back and ready to get stuck in with this new challenge. Sabrina and her dedicated team will take care of all your recruitment needs within the luxury and high-street sectors. From permanent to freelance, each team member personally specialises in production, creative and marketing, within digital and print.

If you are a budding fashionista or dream of getting into retail – then contact Sabrina and discuss current opportunities. Or if you are client hoping to secure some hot talent into these areas – contact Sabrina today at the London office.

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