Freelancing Like a Boss

Freelance is booming in digital! We have put together a bite-size infographic that shows you just how simple if is to be a boss freelancer!


Freelancing in London is more popular than ever, and it is now established as a popular alternative to more traditional employment arrangements.

The freelance boom, particularly across digital industries is due to a variety of reasons, from new technologies that have made the job search faster and easier, to the attraction of flexible working hours and work-life balance and also the attraction of higher pay for contract work.

Here at Cogs we have years of experience working with trusted clients and freelancers just like you. We take care of your rates, notice periods, contract duration and all the important things, leaving you free to focus on your work and nothing else.

So if freelancing is something new you are considering or if you are a seasoned freelancer looking for potential opportunities the below infographic gives you 9 amazing reasons why to choose Cogs to help you in your freelance journey:

Find out more about freelance payments here, and explore the 2016/2017 London salary benchmark to find out what sort of salaries you can be expecting in freelance.

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