Getting Recognition and Rewarded at Work

What can you do to highlight contributions and accomplishments at work?

Being valued at work leads to an increase in job satisfaction and on-the-job performance.

It has been proven that feeling valued at work enables people to be motivated and committed to doing their best. This evokes a sense of belonging that one has with their employer.

Commitment is in essence, satisfaction and identification with your job and just a step further is the ultimate relationship an employer and an employer can have: engagement.

The benefits of being engaged at work

Aon’s 2018 study on Trends In Global Employee Engagement revealed that the top global engagement driver is still Rewards & Recognition.

This shouldn’t be surprising after years of published research show that having engaged employees result in a host of good business results. Results like better retention rate, higher productivity, improved bottom lines and even heightened customer experience, it’s no surprise that companies are heavily invested in Rewards & Recognition programmes.

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While there are companies that increasingly ensure performance is tracked and rewarded accordingly, some companies still do not have any performance review or goal management process in place. This results in staff contributions being overlooked.

What can you do to highlight contributions and accomplishments at work?

1) Be proactive

This is the foundation stone for getting any recognition at work.
Don’t wait around for someone to ask you to do something. If you believe in an idea that could change the business build a case around it, speak up and share it.

2) Keep your boss in the loop (not literally)

It’s not about keeping your boss informed about every minute of your day. If you don’t have a feedback channel like monthly one-on-ones or an annual performance review, start to schedule regular meetings with your boss.

During these meetings, articulate your contributions and the outcomes of your labour to demonstrate your initiative and commitment you have in business.

Constant communication is key and you should create chances to speak with your boss.

3) Measure and report

Celebrate your wins with evidence.

Measure and record your:

  • Input (Resources used)
  • Time Spent
  • Output (Results)
  • Control and Mechanism (Condition(s) and Process(s) used)

After you have tracked your progress, report it back to your boss. To do that you need to go back to the previous two actions to initiate a conversation with him/her.

Remember that doing this opens up a whole conversation on your achievement(s) and sometimes it may not be what we want to hear.

Welcome the feedback anyway and consider how you can do better next.


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