What Are the Job Titles of the Future?

Our world is hurtling towards an era of fully automated cars, space tourism and exponential population growth. Things are changing and changing fast. …

Job Titles

Our world is hurtling towards an era of fully automated cars, space tourism and exponential population growth. Things are changing and changing fast. This rapid technological advancement is pushing artificial intelligence into every area of our lives – robots are finding a way into our homes, our transport and yes, even our workplaces.  The Ocado warehouse is now run by robots while Amazon has increased its robotic army to  45,000 working robots. But before you allow the machines-are-taking-over hysteria to consume you, consider this: the technological generation is creating as many jobs as it is usurping.

There are many new job titles in the future. In fact, an estimated 65% of future jobs have not even been invented yet. We like to think as the employment sector evolves and a changing landscape creates a demand for new roles, Cogs Agency will still be at the forefront of helping attract, retain and motivate talent that will make your business stay competitive.

Here are 6 roles we expect to spring into existence over the next few decades:

1. Ethical Technology Advisor

Why are we not all currently driving automated cars? The technology is certainly there, but the legal and ethical framework is not. The Tesla crash revealed just how complicated the situation is. In the future, an Ethical Technology Advisor would help to evaluate accidents and apportion responsibility ensuring a high-standard of compliance for both robots and humans.

2. Freelance Relationships Officer

There is a record 4.63million freelance workers in the UK and with campaigns like Flex Appeal pushing for increased flexibility in the workplace, that figure is set to rise. As more and more companies start to rely on remote-working freelancers to get the job done, a Freelance Relationships Officer will act as a freelance-only HR specialist, ensuring the company retains the very best talent.

3. Nostalgist

Virtual reality continues to evolve at a staggering rate. It will one day expand beyond the realm of gaming to encompass all areas of our lives. The Nostalgist will be a virtual reality interiors designer for old people. Harnessing scenes and sounds from an era they remember well, the Nostalgist will create a comfortable environment for the elderly to escape to.

4. New Education Specialist

Our children don’t need Algebra lessons or spelling tests. They are growing up in a world where that information is easily and instantly accessible. What they need is a 21st-century approach to education. A curriculum that will equip them with the skills they need for modern life. Finland has already started to introduce some drastic education changes. The New Education Specialist will advise on how best to revolutionise our current way of learning.

5. Personal Content Curator

We are very quickly getting to the point where all thoughts, dreams and memories can be captured and digitally downloaded. This increase in daily personal content will necessitate a talented curator to sift through the information and deliver the ‘thought headlines.”

6. Robot Liaison Officer

As robots enter our workforce and become increasingly human in their comportment, the need for a Robot Liaison Officer will become apparent. This person will help to facilitate a symbiotic working environment between humans and robots.

While the job roles of the future are an exciting prospect, our live job listings are a fantastic offering of the best available right here and now. Take a look and get in touch.

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