Moving Abroad for Work: The When, Why & How

What does it really take to move aborad and take on a new role? We chat to two individuals who made the leap and are living the benefits…

When you find the job you have been dreaming of, and realise it is 13,000 miles away…. Do you take the leap or let the opportunity pass? Moving abroad for work is an extremely brave but also exhilarating thing to do.

So many businesses now have a Global reach, that more and more workers are looking overseas for unique opportunities.

As a global business, Cogs have helped many candidates with every aspect of a relocation. From Asia, to Europe, while there is much to consider, but once the job is secured the rest falls into place.

We share 3 case studies of those brave individuals who took the leap and moved abroad for work.

Lindsay Kim, Digital Activations Manager, moved from Seoul to Singapore early 2019 for a job opportunity with Lagardère Sports and Entertainment.

At what point your career did you decided to make the move?

“I relocated to Singapore for my current position at Lagardère Sports and Entertainment in 2019. After working for around 6 years in Seoul, Korea, I decided to pursue further education in London.  I was keen to learn how to connect digital technologies and sports business. I celebrated the countdown into the New Year in London. Then enjoyed Chinese New Year holidays in Seoul, then I moved to Singapore. Moving abroad for work is an extremely brave thing to do, especially when you’ve never been to the country at all, not even for a short flight transfer…”

What was the biggest driver to moving to a new country for work?

“I didn’t have a specific location or country in my mind when I was on my job hunt.  Instead, I had three clear criteria that I was looking for, ‘Sports’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Global’. As long as the three requirements being met, I was more than willing to dive into the opportunity. For me, the right job opportunity itself was the biggest driver to move to a new country.”

What was the biggest challenge of moving and working in a new country?

“Settling in Singapore was not difficult at all, I often forget that I’m abroad as there are so many similarities between Korea and Singapore. The most challenging part for me was to scan many different job boards across the countries to spot the right career opportunities – in the later part of my job hunt, I had more than 30 tabs on my Chrome to keep up with the latest job posts. I was lucky enough to get to know Chitra at Cogs Singapore who not only linked me to the current position but supported throughout the interview & onboard process, I can’t thank her enough. I would love to highlight the importance of being in the good caring hands that connect you to the right opportunities and roles – and the rest will just follow!”

Louis Smith, Digital Designer. Moved from UK to Australia in 2017 and is currently applying for his residency Visa.

At what point were you in your career when you decided to make the move?

“I was working as a freelancer skipping agency to agency at a senior level, however, I was never feeling like I could settle and work full time at any of them. I felt I had the talent and experience in my field to confidently work in new agencies in other countries without the worry of “am I doing a good enough job?”.

What was the biggest driver to moving to a new country for work?

“I had been working in London for five years and I was getting bogged down by the routine and the hustle and bustle of London.  I was craving the sun & relaxed beach lifestyle that Australia has to offer. Even though I was still young, I was starting to think to myself “is this really all life has to offer?” So I just got a visa and left for Sydney. Australia is a little behind in the digital world, however, they’re catching up, Having my experience working with big companies in London has helped me seek work. I enjoy living in a subtropical climate where the winter temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees and the beaches are awesome.”

What were the biggest challenges to settling into a new role/location?

“Arriving on a twelve-month working holiday visa, I knew time was ticking. I needed to find a way to stay in the country permanently. The first company I worked for offered to sponsor me, however, the government just changed the sponsorship visa skill-sets and Graphic Design wasn’t on the list anymore, so that fell through.

I found myself back to square one and after working in Sydney for six months I felt it was too similar to London in many ways.  The craving for a better work-life balance still beckoned. I was lucky, I had friends in Australia who referred me to businesses and I had contacts from England that got me through my first year in Australia as a freelancer.  By then I had moved up to the Gold Coast for a cruiser lifestyle, away from the big cities.

Once my visa had run out I had to apply for a student visa, which only allowed me to work 20 hours a week. This was really limiting for me. It was difficult to find more clients or even agency work as I couldn’t clock the hours. I got past it through with different clients and different payment methods, but by then I was wanting more full-time role – a sponsorship.

A company on the Gold Coast approached me via Linkedin and offered to sponsor me. Which would mean I my working hours limit would be lifted. I’m now in a more full-time role of both contract and freelance work, while still being able to do all the things I love (which isn’t work).”

If you think you are ready for the leap to a new continent for a winning opportunity – lets Cogs help you find that perfect role. With offices in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore and China – we are connected globally to a host of exciting opportunities you can explore now.

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