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“Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” — Samuel Johnson

The above was written in September 1777 but yet it still rings very true today, although with more modern thinking we can thankfully include both men and women into the quote.

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Let’s start with the Development sector, the driver of all digital advancement and without these lovable, forward-looking, problem-solving people we’d probably still be crawling around in the mud. However, as we’ve stated in the past, this sector rarely attracts applicants searching for permanent roles and a pragmatic approach is needed from both employers and employees otherwise the situation will continue to rumble on.

There’s an ongoing demand for Front-End Developers with solid JavaScript experience, with AngularJS, backbone.js added. From a Back-End Development perspective, we’re seeing continuing demand for both Python and node.js. We’ve also seen QA’s moving in-house and the role of DevOps becoming more mainstream.

User Experience is continuing to see strong growth and we would expect both permanent and freelance rates to rise throughout the year as the demand outstrips supply.

Project management/ Production, the hardest working of all the disciplines has continued to be extremely competitive but we have noticed a drop off in freelance and a push towards permanent roles. Loyalty deserves to be rewarded both from a monetary basis and in the scope of projects available.

Client services, the human glue that binds everything together is massively competitive at present. Agencies are competing against both brands and the large consultancies who are moving heavily into the digital market. Employers really need to understand this and deliver strong career progression plans along with a comparable salary and package if they want to stay competitive.

Strategy, has followed a similar vein and it’s great to see London, the epicentre of planning, living up to its billing. Really good mid to senior planners are in high demand both permanent and freelance but your width of experience must encompass as many channels as possible.

For the Creative sector, those balanced individuals who bring the mundane to life, we are seeing some pretty big changes. We’ve noticed a move away from hiring teams to hiring solo’s whilst freelancers are more open to permanent roles as they seek to add and broaden their portfolios.

Performance Marketing will continue to see growth due to the demand of increased customer profiling whilst paid search campaigns are seeing bigger budgets.

Brands & Clientside so many big brands have been building up their internal teams, changing their structures to suit the 21st century working environment. There are great opportunities on this side of the fence. It’s not easier, it’s just different and it takes adjustment from an agency mindset.

Social & Content has seen meteoric rise over the past four years and it shows no sign of slowing down. If anything the market is crying out for yet more talent to coincide with budgets shifting as clients start to understand and use social channels more effectively.


Title Full Time Salary Freelance Day Rate
Executive Creative Director £100k to £160k+ £500 to £700+
Creative Director £75k to £110k £350 to £500
Associate Creative Director £65k to £85k £350 to £500
Design Director £60k to £85k £300 to £400
Creative Director Team £75k to £110k £500 to £700
Creative Group Head Team £55k to £70k £400 to £550
Senior Team £45k to £60k £350 to £450
Mid-weight Team £28k to £38k £225 to £300
Junior Team £18k to £25k £150 to £200
Senior Art Director £55k to £65k £250 to £350
Mid-weight Art Director £30k to £40k £200 to £250
Junior Art Director £18k to £25k £150 to £200
Head of Copy £50k to £85k £350 to £400
Senior Copywriter £45k to £55k £250 to £350
Mid-weight Copywriter £25k to £35k £200 to £300
Junior Copywriter £18k to £22k £150 to £200
Senior Designer £40k to £55k £250 to £330
Motion Designer £25k to £45k £200 to £300
Mid-weight Designer £28k to £40k £200 to £275
Junior Designer £18k to £25k £100 to £200

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Title Full Time Freelance
Chief Technology Officer £130k+ n/a
Head of Development £80k to £100k £350 to £500
Technical Director £55k to £75k £350 to £500
Head of Creative Technology £65k to £85k £300 to £500
Senior Creative Technologist £45k to £55k £350 to £450
Mid-weight Creative Technologist £35k to £45k £250 to £350
Junior Creative Technologist £25k to £35k £150 to £250
Technical Lead £50k to £65k £350 to £400
Development Consultant £45k to £60k £350 to £450
Technical Project Manager £40k to £65k £250 to £450
Mobile Developer (iOS / Android) £30k to £65k £300 to £450
Java Technical Architect £50k to £75k £350 to £500+
Senior Java Developer £55k to £70k £375 to £500
Java Developer £45k to £55k £300 to £400
Lead Technical Architect (Big Data) £85k to £100k £700 to £850
Senior Developer (Big Data) £75k to £85k £500 to £650
Senior Front End Developer £45k to £60k £350 to £400
Mid-weight Front End Developer £30k to £40k £250 to £300
Junior Front End Developer £20k to £30k £150 to £250
Senior Back End Developer £45k to £50k £300 to £400
Mid-weight Back End Developer £35k to £45k £250 to £350
Junior Back End Developer £20k to £30k £150 to £250
Lead QA Tester £50k to £55k £350 to £400
QA Analyst £30k to £40k £250 to £350

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Title Full Time Freelance
Managing Director £140k+ n/a
Client Services Director/Head of digital £100k to £160k+ £500+
Client Partner/Business Director £80k to £120k+ £500+
Group Account Director £70k to £90k £350 to £500
Senior Account Director £60k to £75k £300 to £400
Account Director £45k to £60k £220 to £350
Senior Account Manager £35k to £45k £150 to £250
Account Manager £24k to £35k £150 to £200
Account Executive £20k to £25k £100 to £150

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Title Full Time Freelance
Operations Director £90k + £450+
Head of Project Management £70k to £120k+ £400 to £700
Project Director £60k to £80k £350 to £500
Senior Project Manager £45k to £65k £300 to £375
Project Manager £30k to £45k £225 to £275
Junior Project Manager £22k to £35k £150 to £200
Senior Resource/Traffic Manager / Director £45k to £65k £250 to £350
Resource / Traffic Manager £24k to £45k £120 to £250

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Title Full Time Freelance
Head of Planning / Strategy £90k to £150k+ £600 to £1,000+
Planning / Strategy Director £70k to £100k £400 to £750
Senior Planner / Strategist £50k to £80k £350 to £500
Planner / Strategist £30k to £50k £225 to £350
Research Analyst / Junior Planner £25k to £35k £150 to £200

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Title Full Time Freelance
Head of User Experience £80k to £90k £500 to £600
Senior User Experience Architect £50k to £60k £350 to £450
Mid-weight User Experience Architect £30k to £45k £300 to £350
Junior User Experience Architect £20k to £30k £200 to £275
Senior User Researcher £48k to £60k £350 to £450
Mid-weight User Researcher £30k to £45k £300 to £350

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Title Full Time Freelance
Head of Sales and Marketing £60k to £100k+ £350 to £500+
Head of Ecommerce £75k to £100k+ £350 to £500+
Digital /Online Marketing Manager £35k to £60k £200 to £280
Digital/Online Marketing Executive £25k to £35k £150 to £200
Web Content Strategist £60k to £75k £375 to £450
Web Content Manager £40k to £50k £250 to £325
Web Content Editor / Producer £30k to £40k £180 to £250
Scrum Master £65k to £80k £400 to £500
Senior Product Manager £65k to £80k £400 to £550
Product Manager £50k to £65k £350 to £450
Online Games Producer £45k to £55k £250 to £325
Mobile Producer £40k to £55k £275 to £325
Web Content Editor / Producer £30k to £38k £180 to £250
Social Media / Community Manager £30k to £40k £180 to £250
Marketing Executive (Integrated) £24k to £27k £120 to £150

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Business Analyst (Web) £50k to £65k £350 to £500
Web Analytics Manager £50k to £65k £325 to £380
Web Analytics Executive £30k to £45k £180 to £250
Senior Data Analyst £50k to £70k £400 to £600
Data Analyst £35k to £45k £220 to £375
SEO Manager £35k to £45k £230 to £300
SEO Executive £22k to £30k £140 to £200
Paid Search Manager £35k to £45k £230 to £300
Paid Search Executive £22k to £30k £140 to £200

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Head of Social £65k to £80k+ £300 to £450
Senior Social Strategist £45k to £70k £250 to £350
Social Strategist £30k to £45k £200 to £300
Senior Content Strategist £60k to £70k £300 to £450
Content Strategist £45k to £60k £240 to £360
Senior Community Manager £30k to £45k £150 to £250
Community Manager £25k to £35k £100 to £200

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