Salary Benchmarking Technology roles in Singapore

Here is a quick breakdown of the salaries on offer for the techie ones in Singapore.


Are you looking to hire Singapore tech talent or are you a looking to explore tech job opportunities in Singapore?

Hello from the ever so humid Singapore, where the tech roles are shining through just like the sunshine from behind the haze these days. And some magical things, with a ‘wow’- factor, are happening over here.

With the significant financial support and investment from the Government and VCs, the start-up scene is booming here and all those wicked ideas can make the head spin just like that…

Overall, the technical skill demand here is pretty similar to what’s happening around the world. Demand for mobile developers and those JavaScript skills is high, and so is the need for some serious technical architecting with AEM for instance.

Start-ups here are also on a lookout for full-stack technologists (Java, Python, node.js with a mix of JavaScript and related frameworks such AngularJS, backbone.js, ember.js, react.js, require.js) and agencies are increasingly on a look-out for Creative Technologists, someone who can do the tech talk and communicate with creatives at the same time.

Exciting things happening across the board, and I predict more of those interactive digital art pieces and installations will be vowing the crowds here and in the region more and more in the near future.

The table below is a quick breakdown of the salaries offered for technical talents Singapore. How companies compensate talent depends on the various factors like:

  • Technical skills – depending on the tech stack and how hard to find the technical skills are (e.g. AEM)
  • Type and size of the company – MNCs, locally-owned or global network owned
  • Experience – years in total and also on time spent working in Singapore
  • Scope of the role – local, regional or global

*Note: Please note that the survey benchmark is benchmarked monthly in Singapore Dollars and has been gathered from our own experience and research and is an indication of the average salaries paid.

Title Full-Time Salary
Chief Technology Officer $15k to $20k+
Technical Director $14k to $16k
Technical Manager $8.5k to $10k
Technical Lead $7k to $8.5k
Creative Technologist $6k to $10k
Senior Front-End Developer $6.5k to $8k
Mid-Weight Front-End Developer $5k to $6.5k
Junior Developer $3k to $5k
Mobile Developer (iOS/Android) $5k to $8k
Principle / Senior Solutions Architect (e.g. AEM) $8k to 15k
Solutions Architect (AEM) $6k to $8k
Senior Java Developer / Engineer $6k to $8k
Senior Back-End Developer (Ruby, Python, PHP) $5k to $7k
Mid-weight Back-End Developer $4k to $5k
Junior Back-End Developer $3k to $4k
Lead QA Tester/Engineer $6k to $9k
QA Tester/ Analyst $4k to $5k

Developers, stand up and take a bow, your time to rise and shine is here to stay.


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