Salary benchmarking for Hong Kong 2015/2016

A detailed insight into the market trends and salaries in Hong Kong this year…

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Hong Kong continues to be an evolving digital market with the demand for digital talent increasingly out pacing supply. The greatest talent shortages sit across emerging skill sets such as UX and Creative technology. For many businesses local market hiring always takes preference but as the market becomes ever more competitive many are still looking to international markets to further develop their workforces.

Hong Kong is a mobile/device driven market and not so coincidentally the start-up community is growing as more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into service applications, gaming and mobile marketing. From this we have seen a surge in opportunities for developers (native, front end, back end and full stack), UX designers and UI designers.

We’re also seeing a shift in the E-commerce market as many luxury goods, fashion and travel retailers seemingly want to cater for a much more savvy online shopper. Many business are now heavily investing in redesigning their existing platforms and are moving to bring greater UX, design and development capabilities in-house. Agencies are also following suit as brands are investing greater budget into consumer experience research and strategy, UX and visual design. More and more agencies are also trying to bring digital production in-house instead of shipping out to cheaper production shops in China and SEA.

Although UX, digital design and tech are aggressive growth areas we still see continued growth and demand across all digital disciplines – Performance Marketing (SEO/SEM), digital media strategists/planners (particularly those versed in programmatic buying), social media strategy and community management, data analytics, content strategy and production, account and project management.

With this talent shortage comes a concerning resource gap for many businesses. HR teams and hiring managers are now adopting a greater freelance model to compensate and we have seen a significant spike in calls for freelance support. Largely across creative and tech.

Hong Kong has a buoyant employment market that caters for skilled and experienced digital professionals. If you’d like to gain more insight into what’s on offer (employee or employer) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To check out the 2016/2017 Hong Kong Salary Survey click here:

Title Full Time Salary
Executive Creative Director $80k – $120k
Senior Creative Director $80k – $100k
Creative Director $50k – $80k
Associate Creative Director $40k – $50k
Design Director $55k – $80k
Creative Technologist $60k – $80k
Senior Art Director $30k -$40k
Mid-weight Art Director $20k – $30k
Junior Art Director $16k – $20k
Senior Copywriter $30k – $45k
Mid-weight Copywriter $22k – $30k
Junior Copywriter $16k – $22k
Senior Designer $30k – $45k
Mid-weight Designer $22k – $30k
Junior Designer $16k – $22k
Technical Director $70k  – $90k
Technical Lead $45k – $55k
Technical Project Manager $35k – $45k
Mobile Developer $25k – $40k
Java Technical Architect $40k – $50k
Senior Java Developer $40k – $50k
Java Developer $30k – $40k
Senior Front End Developer $35k – $45k
Mid-weight Front End Developer $25k – $35k
Junior Front End Developer $18k – $25k
Senior Back End Developer $35k – $45k
Mid-weight Back End Developer $25k – $35k
Junior Back End Developer $18k – $25k
Lead QA Tester $30k – $40k
QA Analyst $20k – $30k
Managing Director $120k – $200k
General Manager £90k – $120k
Client Services Director $75k – $90k
Business Director $65k – $80k
Group Account Director $55k – $65k
Senior Account Director $50k – $60k
Account Director $35k – $50k
Associate Account Director $30k – $35k
Account Manager $22k – $30k
Account Executive $16k – $22k
Operations Director $80k – $120k
Head of Project Management/Production $70k – $90k
Project Director $45k – $60k
Senior Project Manager $30k – $45k
Project Manager $22k – $30k
Junior Project Manager $16k – $22k
Resource / Traffic Manager $25k – $35k
Head of Planning / Strategy $80k – $120k
Planning / Strategy Director $60k – $80k
Senior Planner / Strategist $40k – $60k
Planner / Strategist $30k to $40k
Research Analyst / Junior Planner $18k – $30k
Head of User Experience $70k – $90k
Senior User Experience Architect/Designer $45k – $60k
Mid-weight User Experience Architect/Designer $30k  – $45k
Junior User Experience Architect/Designer $20k – $30k
Senior User Researcher $45k – $60k
Mid-weight User Researcher $30k – $45k
General Manager $80k – $120k
Head of Ecommerce $100k – $150k
Marketing Director $70k – $100k
Digital /Online Marketing Manager $35k – $50k
Digital/Online Assistant Marketing Manager $25k – $35k
Digital/Online Senior Marketing Exec $20k – $25k
Digital/Online Marketing Executive $15k – $20k
CRM Director $55k – $70k
CRM Manager $35k – $50k
CRM Analyst $18k – $30k
Scrum Master $60k – $65k
Product Manager $30k – $40k
Online Games Producer $25k – $35k
Web Content Manager $35k – $45k
Web Content Editor / Producer $25k – $35k
Social Media / Community Manager $25k – $35k
Business Analyst (Web) $30k – $45k
Web Analytics Manager $45k – $55k
Web Analytics Executive $25k – $35k
Data Analyst $35k – $45k
SEO Manager $35k – $45k
SEO Executive $22k – $30k
Paid Search Manager $35k – $45k
Paid Search Executive $22k – $30k
Head of Social $60k – $80k
Senior Social Strategist $45k – $65k
Social Strategist $30k – $45k
Senior Content Strategist $60k – $70k
Content Strategist $45k- $60k
Senior Community Manager $30k – $45k
Community Manager $25k – $35k


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